Outside the First Calvary Chapel ( Little Chapel)
which inspired the song "Little Country Church"

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of the history of Calvary Chapel

Contributed by David Burgin - January 1998

When one ponders the history of Calvary Chapel we see a definite plan that God himself put in place. The very early days Calvary Chapel met Sunday afternoons at the Lutheran church on the bluffs overlooking Newport Beach and the blue Pacific Ocean. During the week, home studies were the order.

Property was soon purchased from the Santa Ana School District where the old Greenville school stood. This property was on the corner of Sunflower & Greenville located next to miles of bean fields. It was there that members of Calvary Chapel gathered to build the first small chapel. Calvary Chapel became more than just a picturesque Spanish style building. People filled the church and God filled the people to overflowing.

"People comin' everyday for miles around for meeting and for Sunday school."
 Little Country Church by (Chuck Girard/Fred Field)

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