What started out as a small Christian concert,brought about through the prayers of the Christian missionaries in Manila, turned into one of the biggest witnesses for Jesus Christ to hit this city in some time. God moved in a miracleous way to open the doors for what became known as the, "Love Song Festival" which covered five nights nights of concerts in Manila's Memorial Baseball Stadium.

Using the music group Love Song, from Califonia, God ministered His love and truth to over 50,000 people that attended the festival of which 5000 of these were led in the sinners-prayer the last concert night. The Lord also used the group to reach 30,000 students on the local colleges and universities; many who had their lives changed by the power of a living Jesus Christ!

Love Song on the main stage in Manila
Though the Islands are under Marshall law and no one with long hair is allowed on television or radio, God touched the hearts of the Government officials which enabled the group to have radio and T.V. coverage; this allowed the brothers in Love Song, along with Debbie Kerner and Evangelist Mike MacIntosh (both accompanied the Love Song tour) to openly preach the gospel over the air to the thousands in the listening audience. God is truly pouring out His Holy Spirit all over the world in these last days and this revival in the Philippines is a sure sign that Jesus is coming soon.

The group's record is selling a thousand copies a day over here. The title song, "A Love Song" from their first album, is now number one in the top ten list of songs on the radio. It is such a blessing to see souls come into the Kingdom of God after listening to the gospel through the means of contemporary rock music, filled with lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. As Paul said in I Corinthians 9:22, "I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some." This I feel the Love Song group is doing with the music the Lord has given them and Praise God, they are by all means saving some!

Brother Mike
Manila, Philippines