About This Site

The idea for this site started as a wild thought back in 1995. This thing called the World Wide Web was the new buzzword all over the world. As I surfed around I realized that there wasn't much to be found about the Jesus movement, its history and music. Then and there, I decided that I would put together a site dedicated to this music and the artists who created it. Call it a historical, pictorial, musical archive of a very special time in Christian history.

My first exposure to Jesus music was in high school. It was 1971 and my parents bought me an album by Ralph Carmichael & Kurt Kaiser called "Natural High-A Folk Musical About God's Son." The music really wasn't too radical but it definitely had a contemporary sound that was different from the hymns I was used to. We moved to Southern California later that year, the place where this thing called the "Jesus movement" was happening, and it was there that I came to know and love this music and and see many of these artists in concert. It played a huge part in my growth as a Christian.

We can learn much from history and I believe it's important we not forget the roots of what is now known as "contemporary Christian music." It's my hope that this site not only takes some of you down "memory lane" but also inspires you in your walk with Christ. May young people who weren't around in the 70's be inspired in seeing what God did during those years. He continues to move in His sovereign ways even today. I dedicate this site to all those artists included and the many who never recorded their songs and yet were such a big part of the Jesus Movement.

If you know of an artist or album(s) that you think should be included here or have any information, web links, photos, album covers that might be missing, or would like to contribute audio clips or write a review please contact me. I hope to continually add missing items to these pages until it's either complete or the Lord returns. Thanks!

In His service,
Dave Hollandsworth