Help Elco 1971
The Prophet
From This Place
Hope To Save
On earth azitis in heaven. Well, now at least you know how to pronounce the name of this 4-man Sacramento band. For a while I was thinking it rhymed with phlebitis. Anyhow, there's probably less than ten oldies in existence that'd get the official Ken Scott 5-star rating and Azitis is one of them. Also one of the few that is solidly psychedelic in sound from beginning to end. Every song is a winner here, strong melodies, gentle vocals, moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. In fact this whole album is saturated in psychy organ sounds. Add to that fuzz, phasing, reverb, wah-wah, flutes and you've got a virtual time machine to the flower power era. 'Creation' starts things off with a dissonant organ crescendo, chanting, and wah-wah guitar. 'The Prophet' and 'From This Place' both reach frenzied intense peaks, while 'Hope To Save' brings in piano and acoustic guitar for a melodic ballad. Thematically covers a number of topics such as creation, the fall, judgment day, Revelation. Exceptional cover art of a gold cross emerging from the planet earth. Mega rare, too - only 500 made. I can't emphasize enough how cool this album is. It's a true monster if there ever was one. KS