One-Way Classifieds
1988 HEAR THE SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS by David T. Clydesdale featuring Sandi Patti, Larnelle Harris, Twila Paris. A 3 album cassette. Any form I'll buy it. Thanks so very much.

I am looking for an album called "Abide In Me" by the duo Doug & Donna. They were locally successful in the San Jose, CA are in the mid-70's. Buzz

im interested in redemption (kemper crabb) album.... if anyone have it on mp3, or any other christian progresive, hard rock from the 70s... also if anyone have the expo 72 video or any video from christian artists from the 70s early 80s. Henry Velasquez

I'm looking for songbooks, sheet music, etc from Christian artists of the 1970's. Please email to trade or sell. Jay O'Neill

Name: Brian Allen
Message: Mint condition The Sheep album 1973 Word Gold 001 on CD or vinyl please needed for possible re-release here in the UK

George André Cândido Ducheski: Hi, my name is george, and I d like to know if you have interest at talk and trade somethings between 69-79 about gospel music, people like JD Sumner, Imperilas, Jake Hess, Statemens are one of my fovourities. Please, i am a Brazilian colector, and i have many lp, that I d like to share if you are interested!, Thanx, and God Bless u!! (posted 4/9/06)

Looking for Suncast "In Touch Again" in good condition David (posted 3/28/06)

I'm looking for an album from the late 70's or early 80's by a group called New Hope, called Let Your Light Shine. I think New Hope may have been an offshoot group from the Continentals. Thanks, Duane (posted 2/25/06)