Jesus Music
Compilation Albums

A great way spread the word about new Jesus music was through compilation albums like the ones below. Many of these albums were released throughout the 70's and quite a few of them had non-lp songs by certain artists making them somewhat of a collectors' item. Also see the Maranatha albums. DH

Action Scene '71 Impact 1971
Features The Imperials, Reba Rambo, Random Sample, Gene Cotton, Sherman Andrus, Joyful Noise, The New Folk, & others.

Beginnings Sonrise Mercantile 1973
Sampler album containing songs from Larry Norman, Paul Clark & Phil Keaggy, The Hallelujah Joy Band, Good News Circle, and others. DS

The Best of Christian Grit New Pax 1977
Double sampler album including songs from Scott Wesley Brown, Mike Johnson, Austin Roberts, Matthews, Taylor & Johnson, and others.

Born To Die Lightworks Records 1979
Artists include: Rudy & Pam Parker, John Fowler, Dan Marks, Steve Swinford, Nanci Aguilar, Kelly St. Clair, Alan Barrington. Produced by Michael Aguilar (pastor) with Dan Marks.

Christian People(Boone/Crouch) Lamb&Lion 1973
Released on Pat Boone's Lamb & Lion label this sampler album included Danny Lee & The Children of Truth, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, Children of the Day, and Pat Boone & The First Nashville Jesus Band.

Come Back Soon Sangre Records 1978
Artists include: Steve Scott, Stratton/Howard Band, Wind, Matthew Brown, Panacea, Shelter, Sharon McCall, John Reitz. Produced by Tom Stipe. Executive Producer: Louis Neely (pastor)

Dawn Treader One Star Song 1978
 Beyond The Blue (Jimmy Hotz)
 To A Sleeping Infidel (Arkangel)
Sampler of Star Song-distributed artists including Jimmy Hotz, Arkangel, Jim Gill, Randy Adams, Pam Mark Hall, Tom Autry, and Fletch Wiley. Musically you're better off getting the individual lps, but the fantasy gatefold George Werth cover (Arkangel, Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp) makes this an attractive package. KS

Firewind Sparrow 1976
A musical written by Terry Talbot with John Michael Talbot and Jamie Owens the material recounts the experiences of the early church as outlined in the Biblical account in the Book of Acts. Other artists included in the project were Keith Green, Barry McGuire, David Diggs, Al Perkins, and the 2nd Chapter of Acts.

Gospel Ship Destiny 1974
Decent studio comp of otherwise unavailable songs, five bands, two songs each. Phoenix Sonshine (found here covering LeFevre's title song) and gospelly folksinger Lilly (Crozier/Green) both have full-length lps on this label. The three men that call themselves Shiloh provide country-style folkrock while the three ladies comprising Good Will Industry contribute a soft folk/pop gem as well as a rocker with a cuffing electric lead. That leaves Chuck & Karen (Glenn) for more country folkrocking, including the talk-sung 'Hitch-Hiker Blues'. KS

Gospel Ship 2 Destiny 1975
Even better follow-up with five different bands. Of particular interest are the songs from Kemper Crabb's pre-Arkangel folkrock outfit Redemption: 'Liberation Song' and 'Anti-Satan Boogie'. Likewise Hallelujah and Master/Peace both shine with that same guy/gal electric folkrock that typified the times, Icthus Team does better than expected for being a 30-member ensemble. And Evan Williams of Harvest Flight (the ever- present man on this label) has a couple ballads heightened by his trademark psychy ambience. Excellent cover art of ship at sea depicted in blue and maroon with psychy lettering. KS

Great, Great Joy Myrrh 1977
Artists: Chris Christian, Honeytree, Pat Terry Group, Michael Omartian, Suncast, Limpic & Rayburn, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Sonlight Orchestra, Randy Matthews, David Meece.

Greatest of These Is Love Myrrh 1976
Accurately subtitled "A Collection Of Contemporary Christian Love Songs". It contains:
I'll Sing This Song For You/David Meece
I Love You More Than Yesterday/Malcolm & Alwyn
God, A Woman And A Man/Lilly Green
That's The Way/The Pat Terry Group
Flesh Of My Flesh/Randy Matthews

Answer To My Prayer/The Pat Terry Group
Kind Of A Woman: A Dedication To Carol/Al Mossburg (From Moment Of Truth)
Window/Judy Kelley
Song For Sarah/Randy Stonehill

Greenbelt Live! Marshalls 1979
Cool live performances from Britain's Greenbelt festival featuring Bryn Haworth, Giantkiller, Lamb, Cliff Richard. Kainos (an energetic rock/soul outfit), Garth Hewitt, Vatten, Aleksander John, Randy Stonehill ('Good News') and Larry Norman ('Let The Tape Keep Rolling'). All of the solo artists have full band accompanying. Gatefold cover, poster, 24-page booklet, green vinyl KS

Jesus Festival of Music Creative Sound 1973
Another Creative Sound sampler, all lp cuts, I think) by Newbury Park , Paul Clark, Phoenix Sonshine, New Neighborhood, Gamble Folk, Tim & Dale, Sound Of Purpose, Forerunners, Mike Johnson, Marj Snyder, John Fischer, Joe Taylor, and Truth Of Truths (whew). Best thing about it is the cover - one of those wild 60's kinda things with a purple dot image of Christ with flaming eyes above a purple earth with surrounding red moon and red, orange, and pink aura. Cosmic, man. KS

Jesus Loves You Hosanna 1975
Like the Destiny label's Gospel Ship compilations, this is a various artists lp of studio cuts unavailable elsewhere. Most all are folkrock, the standout for me being Dave White who includes a kind of third world percussion solo on 'Take His Hand'. Some might recognize the duo of Gospel Seed who contribute two songs that pre-date their Myrrh lp. Cy Holmes sole cut has a relaxing groove complete with fiddle solo, while Cris Geisman's 'Born Again' should please those who admire Carole King's pop stylings. Other artists include Mark Boddeker and the smooth female vocals of Morning Glory. KS

Jesus People Creative Sound 1972
Jesus Power. Jesus People. Jesus Sound Explosion. Jesus Loves You. Just keeping track of the album titles from this era drives ya batty. Kicking off with a "Gimme a J!' Jesus cheer, the bulk of this mostly-live lp was recorded at the Hollywood Palladium. Rockers oughta be tickled to see three tunes by Ron Salsbury & the JC Power Outlet in top form, only one of which appears on their studio albums. But the real winner here is Morning Star Gospel Rock Band cranking out a real raw hard- rocker. Harvest Flight's two tunes are actually studio cuts from their Destiny lp, as is the Wedgwood song. Gentle Persuasion provides a pair of more traditional gospel numbers. A few raps, a couple audience sing-a-longs where they forget the words and sing out of sync - reality I guess. Uneven, a bit sloppy at times but some fine tuneage amongst the dreg. KS

Jesus Power Creative Sound 1972
The thing I usually find most interesting about samplers like this are the cuts unavailable anywhere else. The standout here would have to be Eden's 'Shady Day', a great r&r tune with a hip guitar solo that leaves you wishing they'd left us more. Also appearing are Majority Of One (horn pop), Voices Of Jerusalem (black gospel), and the Horlock Brothers with a beautiful folk tune. The rest is all album cuts by Kentucky Faith, Armageddon Experience , Sound Foundation, Wedgwood, Agape, New Folk, Forerunners, Gamble Folk, Great Commission Company, Arthur Blessit , and Spectrums. Gatefold sleeve has photos of all the groups' album covers. KS

Jesus Sound Explosion 1972
 Didn't He - Randy Matthews
 Satisfied - Andrae Crouch & the Disciples
 Sweet Song of Salvation - Larry Norman
Recorded live at the crest of the Jesus movement at Explo '72 in Dallas, TX. where 80,000 young people trained in week-long convention on discipleship. Armageddon Experience proves they can rock out, more so than anything on their studio album. Also going beyond their studio work is Andrae Crouch and the Disciples' powerful performance of 'Satisfied'. Whew! You can almost feel the sweat (James Blown move over!). Randy Matthews and Larry Norman also appear armed with only guitars and vocal cords. Great Commission Company, Danny Lee & The Children Of Truth , and The Forerunners deliver in the lots-of-happy-groovy- people-with-horns department. Appealing to the older crowd (read: traditional gospel) are Connie Smith and The Speer Family. Willa Dorsey supplies the black gospel number.
Appealing to the hippies is Love Song and appealing to everyone is Johnny Cash who's shown raising his hand with Billy Graham on the cover. Speaking of the cover, there's a lot of 70's flashbacks in the photos: wild colorful pop-art, the Pepsi logo replaced with the word 'Jesus' bearing the slogan "Jesus has a lot to give". One way signs. The press dubbed it the "Religious Woodstock."

Jubilation Myrrh 1975
The first of three double sampler lps touting artists from the Word music group. I won't bother to list all 20 artists included, but of special interest is the Larry Norman cut 'Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn' since it never appeared on any of his albums. Followed by Jubilation, Too! and Superjubilation! KS

Jubilation, Too! Myrrh 1976
A two-lp follow-up to their first Jesus Music sampler songs are included from Chuck Girard (of Love Song), Honeytree, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Paul Clark, Lamb, Pat Terry Group, Randy Matthews, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Suncast, Parchment, Barry McGuire, Michael Omartian, Malcolm & Alwyn, Liberation Suite, and others.

Love Peace Joy Myrrh 1974 (promo cover and regular issue)
Love Peace Joy/2nd Chapter Of Acts
Fool's Wisdom/Malcolm & Alwyn
I Give My All To Thee/Eddie Robinson
I Don't Have To Worry/Honeytree
It Ain't Easy/Randy Matthews
Think About What Jesus Said/Love Song
A Love Song/Love Song
Love Is/Barry McGuire
Hallelujah/Aleksander John
Simple Song/Honeytree
I Choose To Follow/Ron Salsbury & JC Power Outlet
Parting Thought/Petra

Mystery Revealed Creative Sound 1972
Creative Sound album sampler with Newbury Park, Paul Clark, Mike Johnson, Jay Larremore (non-lp rocker), Harvest Flight, New Neighborhood, Marj Snyder, and Truth Of Truths. As with Jesus Festival Of Music and Ultima Thule, you'll want this one for the cover art, a cosmic Peter Max-ish affair where blue numbered bubbles emerge from puckered lips. KS

Power Music Myrrh 1977
Rock 'n' Roll Preacher/Chuck Girard
Storybook Realities/B.J. Thomas
No Matter What Shape You're In/Michael Omartian
Mansion In The Sand/Tom Howard
Searchlight/SonLight Orchestra

Keep Me Runnin'/Randy Stonehill
Love Broke Thru/Phil Keaggy
The Rock That Doesn't Roll/Larry Norman
Daniel/Pat Terry
You Are Love/Chris Christian

The Real Thing Word 1972
With Randy Matthews, Larry Hubbell, Crimson Bridge, Ray Hildebrand, Vonda Van Dyke, and some lesser acts like Young & Free

Superjubilation Myrrh 1977 (LP and 8-track covers)
To The Ancient Of Days/Bob Ayala
Sweet Music/Pat Terry Group
To The Father/Gospel Seed
A Nation's Prayer/Bruce Hibbard
The Prince Song/The 2nd Chapter Of Acts
Follow Me (I'll Lead You Home)/David Meece

Ain't You Glad/Michael Omartian
Where Can I Go/Petra
Ain't It Grand (To Be A Christian)/Honeytree
Shipwreck/Paul Clark
All That I Can Do/Love Inn Company (From The Courts Of The King)

Why Should The Devil (Have All The Good Music)/Chris Christian
Song For Mom/Steve Camp
Life's Greatest Possession/Lilly Green
Hallelujah/B.J. Thomas

New Day/Fireworks
Another Try/Phil Keaggy
To Learn By Living/Tom Howard
Mountain Top/Amy Grant
Caught In The Crossfire/Limpic & Rayburn

Time To Run (Soundtrack) World Wide Records 1973
Side One:
Catch Me (Jerry Whitman)
I Love You, Part I (Randy Stonehill)
I Love You, Part II (Randy Stonehill)
Time To Run (instrumental)
Traveling Man (Barbara Sigel)
Gone Away (Randy Stonehill)

Side Two:
Because We Understand Each Other (Jerry Whitman)
Alleluia! (ensemble)
Isn't It Good to Know (Where You're Going) (Jerry Whitman)
Meditation (instrumental)
What Shall I Give Unto The Lord (ensemble)

Truth of Truths Oak 1971
Propechies Of The Coming Of The End Of The World
A 26 song double-lp rock opera musical from creation to the second coming. Jim Backus (the voice of the animated Mr. Magoo character and Mr. Howell on television's Gilligan's Island sitcom) was cast as the voice of God. Released in a gatefold cover with elaborate inside cover artwork and booklet. DS

Ultima Thule Creative Sound 1972
Another one of those Creative Sound compilations of lp cuts by Newbury Park, Mike Johnson, Kentucky Faith, Paul Clark, Harvest Flight, New Neighborhood, Marj Snyder, and Phoenix Sonshine. Odd cover of crucifixion scene next to a walled-in metropolis with a gargantuan bird head peering over the mountains. Hmmm.... KS