Earthen Vessel

Everlasting Life/Hard Rock NRS 1969
 Life Everlasting
Long before Carman was singing 'Addicted To Jesus' Earthen Vessel was exhorting the masses to 'Get High On Jesus'. If you've ever heard Mike Warnke's monologue on hippie-finds- God early Jesus music ("Jesus, Jesus, woah woah woah!!!') it's bands like this he had in mind. And as the title implies, this album is heavy heavy heavy! - loads of screaming guitar jams from firm believers in the art of mega-distortion (check out the 9-minute 'I've Been Walking With My Lord' with dual guitar and fuzz bass interplay). Add to that a female vocalist who belts out the simple I-found-Jesus lyrics with a Grace Slick passion. Ultra obscure, too, hence the whopper $250 value listed in 'Goldmine's Guide To Collectible Records'. Well worth prying over every flea market in the country until you find a copy. KS