The Exkursions

The Exkursions 1970
 Dry Ground
 Third Eye
 Would You Believe
High-octane power rock trio absolutely blitzes through eight tunes of heavy blues-influenced material in the vein of Hendrix and Cream. No muffled sounds here - the production is top- notch and the guitars shine forth loud and mean, heavily imbrued with 60's psych effects. 'Baby You Lied', a love-gone- bad slow blues rocker sounds like one of those lengthy Derek & the Dominoes tracks and features wild stereo separation that I'm sure made many a hippie smile back then. Dual rhythm guitar and leads gives the band a fuller sound than most trios. Singer/lead guitarist Mike Johnson gives an exceptional performance - he contributed a number of fine solo albums in the 70's but none of them cooks with near the intensity of this baby. 'Third Eye' is a good example - after starting with some bizarre psycho-babble, the piece breaks into a minute-and-a- half electric guitar jam (recalling Stu Heiss' opening solo in Rez Band's 'White Noise'). The intensity doesn't let up until 'Would You Believe', a smooth piece of soft jazz that Mike also included on his Velvet Prince album. This one delivers the mustard. KS

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