Your favorite albums (# of votes)

A City Set Upon A Hill Cannot Be Hid (New Song) (1)
A Little Song of Joy for the Little Children (Evie) (1)
A Long Time Comin' (Dan Ryan Brooks) (4)
A Time of Peace (Marj Snyder) (1)
Adam Again (Michael Omartian) (1)
After The Flood, Before The Fire (Dogwood) (3)
All That Matters (Dallas Holm) (1)
Andrus, Blackwood & Co. (1)
Appalachian Melody (Mark Heard) (2)
Awaiting Your Reply (Resurrection Band) (5)
Benny (Benny Hester) (1)
The Best of Janny (Janny Grein) (1)
Blame It On The One I Love (Kelly Willard) (1)
Bootleg (Larry Norman) (2)
Breakin' the Ice (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
Brother of the Son (Don Francisco) (1)
Can It Be? (The Way) (3)
Caught in the Crossfire (Limpic & Rayburn) (1)
Celebrate Life! (musicale) (1)
Chuck Girard (Chuck Girard) (4)
Colours (Resurrection Band) (5)
Come and Join Us (Petra) (3)
Come For the Children (Oden Fong) (1)
Come Into His Presence (Paul Clark & Friends) (1)
Come On Ring Those Bells (Evie) (1)
Come Together (Jimmy&Carol Owens) (3)
Come To The Waters (Children of the Day) (2)
C'mon Along (Barry McGuire) (1)
Confessions (Reba Rambo) (4)
Cool Livin' (John Ylvisaker) (1)
Cosmic Cowboy (Barry McGuire) (1)
Courts of the King (Ted Sandquist $ Co) (4)
Covenant Woman (Janny Grein) (1)
Cuttin' Thru (Anthem) (1)
Daniel Amos (Daniel Amos) (2)
Danniebelle (Danniebelle Hall) (1)
Danniebelle Live in Sweden (Danniebelle) (1)
Daughter of Music (Sharalee) (1)
Diary (Tim Sheppard) (2)
Dove (Dove) (1)
Dream (David and the Giants) (1)
Dreaming (Reba Rambo) (1)
Emerging (Phil Keaggy Band) (1)
Encores (Second Chapter of Acts) (1)
Evergreen (Honeytree) (2)
Everything is Under Control (Wo-Wo)(Mickey & Becki) (1)
Everybody Needs A Little Help (David Meece) (1)
Evie (Evie) (1)
Faith Takes a Vision (James Ward) (1)
Father Make Us One (Scripture in Song) (1)
Feel the Love (Love Song) (2)
Final Touch (Love Song) (5)
Flow River Flow (Erick Nelson) (1)
Follow the Man with the Music (Imperials) (1)
Fool's Wisdom (Malcolm & Alwyn) (3)
For Christians, Elves and Lovers (ASFB) (2)
For Him Who Has Ears To Hear (Keith Green) (18)
Forgiven (Don Francisco) (5)
Forgiven (JC Power Outlet) (2)
Fresh Fruit From The Family (The Family) (1)
Fresh Surrender (Archers) (3)
Gentle Faith (1)
Gentle Moments (Evie) (2)
Glass Harp (debut) (2)
Good to be Home (Paul Clark & Friends) (1)
Gospel Ship (Various) (1)
Got To Tell Somebody (Don Francisco) (1)
Hand to the Plow (Paul Clark( (1)
The Happy Sound (The Happy Sound) (1)
Have You Seen Jesus My Lord (John Fischer) (1)
He Made Me Worthy (Janny Grein) (1)
Heed the Call (Imperials) (3)
Higher Power (Darrell Mansfield) (1)
Hill Climbing for Beginners (Water into Wine Band) (4)
His Last Days (Dallas Holm) (1)
Home Where I Belong (BJ Thomas) (3)
Hope (Hope) (1)
Horrendous Disc (Daniel Amos) (52)
Hosanna (Various) (1)
How The West Was One (2nd Chp/Keaggy) (9)
I Am Your Garment (Sharalee) (1)
I Looked For Love (Ralph Carmichael Young People) (1)
In Another Land (Larry Norman) (28)
In the Volume of the Book (2nd Chapter of Acts) (2)
Inside My Room (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Pat Boone In The Holy Land (Pat Boone) (1)
I've Got A Reason (Richie Furay) (5)
Lady (Reba Rambo) (5)
The Lady is a Child (Reba Rambo) (1)
Lady Live (Reba Rambo) (1)
The Lady Is A Child (Reba Rambo) (3)
Lamb III (Lamb) (2)
Lazarus (debut) (1)
Laser Love (After the Fire) (2)
Le Garage du Monde (Larry Norman) (1)
Let Me Have A Dream (Danniebelle) (3)
Liberation Suite (Liberation Suite) (2)
Light The Light (Seawind) (1)
Light Up The Fire (Parchment) (1)
Lighten Up (Barry McGuire) (3)
Live At Carnegie Hall (Andrae Crouch) (2)
Live At Carnegie Hall (Danny Taylor) (1)
Live Fireworks (Fireworks) (1)
Live In London (Andrae Crouch) (2)
Live in the Combat Zone (Reba Rambo) (1)
Living Water (Choralerna) (1)
Look Up (Redemption) (1)
The Lord's Prayer (Reba Rambo) (1)
The Lord's Supper (John Michael Talbot) (2)
Love Broke Thru (Phil Keaggy) (9)
Love Song (Love Song) (21)
Love Song For Number Two (Mickey & Becki Moore) (1)
Mansion Builder (2nd Chapter of Acts) (7)
Maranatha 1 (Various Artists) (3)
Maranatha 2 (Various Artists) (1)
Maranatha 2 (Various Artists) (1)
Maranatha 4 (Various Artists) (1)
Maranatha 5 (Various Artists) (2)
Maranatha Marathon (Honeytree) (1)
Matthews, Taylor & Johnson (1)
The Melodies In Me (Honeytree) (1)
The Ministry Years 1977-1979 (Keith Green) (1)
The Misfit (Erick Nelson/Michele Pillar) (3)
Moonblood (Fraction) (1)
More Than Just An Act (Mike Johnson) (1)
More Than Words (Parable) (1)
Mourning Into Dancing (James Ward) (1)
My Lifetime Now (Marj Snyder) (1)
My Poor Generation (All Saved Freak Band) (1)
Never The Same (Evie) (1)
Never Thirst Again (Harvest) (1)
New Wine (Robert Cameron) (1)
No Compromise (Keith Green) (19)
No Longer Alone (Terry Talbot) (1)
No Shortage (The Imperials) (1)
Nothing But Praise (Dallas Holm) (1)
Now Do You Understand (Randy Matthews) (6)
On Turning to Dust (Mark Heard) (1)
One More Song for You (Imperials) (2)
Only Visiting This Planet (Larry Norman) (58)
Ordinary Man (Dogwood) (1)
Paul and... (Noel Paul Stookey) (1)
Pat Terry (Pat Terry) (3)
The Pat Terry Group (Pat Terry Group) (3)
Peace Joy and Love (Dallas Holm) (1)
Petra (Petra) (2)
Petra (Not of this World) (1)
Ph'lip Side (Phil Keaggy) (1)
Portrait of Us All (Farrell & Farrell) (1)
Preachers From Outer Space (Daniel Amos) (1)
The Prodigal According to Reba (Reba Rambo) (1)
Rainbow's End (Resurrection Band) (1)
Randy Matthews Live (1)
Revelation (Darrell Mansfield) (1)
Rise Again (Dallas Holm) (1)
Rise Up (Daniel Band) (1)
Sail On (Imperials) (1)
Sail On Sailor (Mustard Seed Faith) (6)
Sandi's Song (Sandy Patty) (1)
Seawind 2nd album (1)
Second Look (Hope of Glory) (1)
Seeds (Barry McGuire) (4)
Shallow Water (Servant) (2)
Shamblejam (Parchment) (1)
Shatter the Darkness (Fireworks) (2)
Shinin' In The Light (Phoenix Sonshine) (1)
Shotgun Angel (Daniel Amos) (18)
Signs of Change (After The Fire) (3)
The Sky is Falling (Randy Stonehill) (2)
Slow Train Coming (Bob Dylan) (2)
So Long Ago the Garden (Larry Norman) (7)
So You Wanna Ggo Back To Egypt (Keith Green) (4)
Something New Under the Son (Norman) (5)
Son of Dust (Randy Matthews) (4)
Song In The Air (Glass Harp) (1)
Songtailor (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Sonlight (Sonlight) (2)
Soufully (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Songs of the South (Pat Terry Group) (5)
Spirit of Elijah (Wilson-McKinley) (1)
Spirit Wind (Chuck Girard) (1)
Stand Up (Archers) (1)
Start All Over Again (Wall Bros) (1)
Step In My Shoes (David & the Giants) (1)
Straight On (DeGarmo & Key) (4)
Street Level (Norman) (1)
Stride for Stride (Liberation Suite) (1)
Suddenly (Reba Rambo) (2)
Sweet Comfort Band (SCB) (2)
Sweet Communion (Karen Lafferty) (1)
Sweet Music (Pat Terry Group) (2)
Take Me Back (Andrae Crouch) (4)
Talbot Brothers (WB version) (1)
Things We Deeply Feel (Archers) (1)
Think on These Things (Janny Grein) (1)
Thinking With The Gamble Folk (1)
This Is Not A Dream (Pam Mark Hall) (1)
This One's For You (David & the Giants) (2)
Through It All (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Through Thick and Thin (Dogwood) (1)
To The Bride (McGuire/2nd Chapt) (14)
To the Chief Musician (Candle) (1)
Together We Will Stand (Continental Singers) (1)
Toward Eternity (Matthew Ward) (2)
Truth of Truths Rock Opera (1)
Until the Storm is Past (Tradewind) (1)
Unfailing Love (Evie) (1)
Upon This Rock (Norman) (9)
View From The Bridge (Tom Howard) (1)
Walkin' Sinai (Dan Whittmore) (1)
The Way (The Way) (3)
The Way I Feel (Cynthia Clawson) (1)
Warrior (Jerusalem) (1)
We Believe (Mylon LeFevre) (1)
Welcome To Paradise (Randy Stonehill) (17)
What a Day (Phil Keaggy) (8)
Where Else Would I Go (Children of the Day) (1)
White Horse (Michael Omartian) (6)
Who Are You (Soul Liberation) (1)
Window of a Child (Seawind) (1)
With All Our Love (Children of the Day) (1)
With Footnotes (2nd Chapter of Acts) (14)
Written On the Wind (Chuck Girard) (3) You Gave Me Love (B.J. Thomas) (1)