Your favorite songs (# of votes)

A Little Song of Joy for the Little Children (Evie) (1)
A Shield About Me (Maranatha Singers) (1)
Abidin' (Daniel Amos) (2)
Adam Again (Michael Omartian) (2)
After the Flood, Before the Fire (Dogwood) (1)
Ain't Given' Up Now (Reba Rambo) (1)
Ain't Gonna Fight It (Daniel Amos) (4)
All That I Can Do (Ted Sandquist) (1)
All The Diamonds (Bruce Cockburn) (1)
All The Time (David Meece) (2)
All Things (Glad) (1)
American Dream (Resurrection Band) (1)
American Novel (Larry Norman) (1)
Ancient of Days (Dogwood) (1)
The Artist (Mike Johnson) (1)
Asleep In the Light (Keith Green) (9)
Autograph (Resurrection Band) (1)
Awaiting Your Reply (Resurrection Band) (3)
Bad Has Made It Better (Randy Matthews) (1)
Ballad of St. Peter (Pray) (1)
Baroquen Spirits (Larry Norman) (1)
Be Careful What You Sign (Larry Norman) (1)
Be Still My Soul (Imperials) (1)
Be Ye Glad (Glad) (1)
Beautiful For Jesus (Lilly Green) (1)
Because of Whose I Am (Reba Rambo) (1)
Beyond The Second Mile (Caedmon) (1)
Blue Shoes White (Larry Norman) (1)
Blue Sky Morning (Dan Ryan Brooks) (1)
Born to Run (Liberation Suite) (1)
Bringin' The Message (Messenger) (1)
Broken Promises (Res Band) (4)
Bullfrogs and Butterflies (Barry McGuire) (1)
Butterfly (Boone Girls) (1)
Callin' Me Home (Barry McGuire) (6)
Candy Man (Barry McGuire) (1)
Can't Find My Way Back Home (Erick Nelson/Michelle Pillar) (1)
Captain (Randy Matthews) (1)
Cares Chorus (Kelly Willard) (1)
Carry Me Along (Erick Nelson) (1)
Cast Down Your Cares (John Michael Talbot) (1)
Changes in the Heart of My Own True Love (Glass Harp) (1)
Chosen Generation (Barry McGuire) (1)
Clay (Lamb) (1)
Clean Before My Lord (Honeytree) (1)
Closer to God (The Way) (1)
Come for the Children (Oden Fong) (2)
Come Into His Presence (Paul Clark) (1)
Come On Ring Those Bells (Evie) (2)
Comfort Ye My People (Lamb) (2)
Consider the Lilies (James Ward) (2)
Cosmic Cowboy (Barry McGuire) (1)
Cossack Song (Love Song) (1)
Cottonwood (Mason Proffit) (1)
Covenant Woman (Janny) (1)
Create In Me A Clean Heart (Keith Green) (3)
The Cross Where Jesus Gave His Life (Evie) (1)
Cup of Water (Servant) (1)
Dance (Petra) (1)
Dancing In The Shadows (After The Fire) (1)
Daughter of Music (Sharalee) (1)
Dave's Song (David Meece) (1)
Days Of Noah (The Way) (1)
Dear Jesus (Gamble Folk) (1)
Dear John Letter to the Devil (Keith Green) (1)
Deja Vu (Norman) (1)
Devil Drove a Chevy (Hughie Davidson) (1) ??
Diamonds/One Way segueway (Larry Norman) (1)
Didn't He (Randy Matthews) (6)
Dill Pickles (Randy Matthews) (1)
Do You Feel the Change? (The Way) (3)
Don't Be Afraid (Tradewind) (1)
Don't Blame God (Barry McGuire) (1)
Don't Give Up (Reba Rambo) (2)
Don't Shine It On (Ron Salisbury/JC Power Outlet) (1)
Dried Up Well (Mustard Seed Faith) (1)
Dust To Dust (Keith Green) (1)
Easter Song (2nd Chapter of Acts) (10)
Easter Song (Keith Green) (1)
Emmanuel (DeGarmo & Key) (1)
Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire) (1)
Eve of Destruction/Don't Blame God (Barry McGuire) (1)
Everytime it Rains (Resurrection Band) (2)
Father All I Am (Youth Musical) (1)
Father, Make Us One (Scripture in Song) (1)
Father's Eyes (Amy Grant) (1)
Feel The Love (Love Song) (2)
First Prayer (Randy Stonehill) (5)
Flesh of my Flesh (Leon Patillo) (1)
Fool's Wisdom (Malcolm & Alwyn) (3)
For Annie (Petra) (1)
For Baby (Evie) (1)
For Those Tears I Died (Children of the Day) (5)
For Those Tears I Died (Marj Snyder) (1)
Forever (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Forget Your Hexagram (Larry Norman) (2)
Forgive Me (Reba Rambo) (1)
Freedom (Love Song) (1)
Fresh Surrender (The Archers) (2)
Friend So True (Kelly Willard) (1)
Front Seat Back Seat (Love Song) (1)
Give Them All To Jesus (Evie) (1)
Go Ye (Reba Rambo) (1)
God Gave Rock & Roll To You (Petra) (2)
Goin' Up Yonder (Tramaine Hawkins) (1)
Golden Ages (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
Gospel Ship (Mylon LeFevre) (2)
Got To Tell Somebody (Don Francisco) (1)
Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan) (1)
Grace By Which I Stand (Keith Green) (3)
The Great American Novel (Norman) (2)
Growing Old (Malcolm & Alwyn) (1)
Ha Ha World (Larry Norman) (2)
Hand To The Plow (Paul Clark) (1)
Happy Man (Pat Terry) (1)
He Became Sin (Reba Rambo McGuire) (1)
He Has Overcome (Darrell Mansfield) (1)
He Loves Me (2nd Chapt) (1)
He Loves Us All One By One (Soul Liberation) (1)
He Touched Me (Evie) (1)
He Will Carry You (Tim Sheppard) (1)
He'll Take Care of the Rest (Keith Green) (1)
He's Alive (Don Francisco) (5)
He's Alive (Dallas Holm) (1)
He's Coming Back (David & the Giants) (1)
Hey There Stranger (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Highway to Heaven (David and the Giants) (1)
Hill Climbing for Beginners (Water Into Wine Band) (2)
Home Where I Belong (BJ Thomas) (1)
Home Where I Belong (Pat Terry Group) (3)
The Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing (Cameron Bros) (1)
Hold On Tight (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
Hold Up My Hands (James Ward) (1)
Horrendous Disc (Daniel Amos) (4)
Hound of Heaven (Daniel Amos) (5)
How Can They Live Without Jesus (Keith Green) (2)
Hymn To The Last Generation (Larry Norman) (1)
I Am A Servant (Honeytree) (2)
I Am A Servant (Larry Norman) (12)
I Am What I Am (Dallas Holm) (1)
I Believe In Heaven (Honeytree) (1)
I Can't Believe It! (Keith Green) (1)
I Can't Help Myself (Resurrection Band-MTRTD)
I Choose to Follow You (J.C. Power Outlet) (3)
I Cry Out to You (Reba Rambo) (2)
I Can't Wait (Pat Terry Group) (5)
I Don't Believe in Miracles (Larry Norman) (1)
I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me (Andrae Crouch) (1)
I Fall In Love/Changes (2nd Chapter) (2)
I Feel Free (Pat Terry Group) (1)
I Hope I'll See You In Heaven (Larry Norman) (4)
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Bob Bennett) (1)
I Love You (Larry Norman) (1)
I Love You (People) (1)
I Love You #19 (Daniel Amos) (22)
I See Jesus In You (Sharalee) (1)
I Want to be More like Jesus (Keith Green) (2)
I Wish We'd All Been Ready (Randy Matthews) (1)
I Wish We'd All Been Ready (Larry Norman) (9)
I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand (Don Francisco) (1)
I'll Still Love You Lord (Andrae Crouch) (1)
I'm Born Again (Glenn Garrett) (1)
I'm Dying / For Those Tears I Died (Marj Snyder) (1)
I'm Gonna Rise (Phil Keaggy) (1)
I'm Going to Live Forever (Servant) (1)
I'm So Happy In Jesus (Mustard Seed Faith) (1)
It Won't Be Long (Andrae Crouch) (1)
It Wouldn't Be Enough (Archers) (2)
It's Alright (Matthew Ward) (1)
It's Coming to End? (Wilson-McKinley) (1)
I've Got A Reason (Richie Furay) (3)
I've Got Confidence (Andrae Crouch) (1)
I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken (Dallas Holm) (1)
If God is my Father (Larry Norman) (2)
In This Very Room (Sharalee) (1)
Jeremiah (Michael Omartian) (1)
Jerusalem (Gentle Faith/Darrell Mansfield) (1)
Jesus (Dogwood) (1)
Jesus Commands Us To Go (Keith Green) (1)
Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life (Dallas Holm) (2)
Jesus is Number One (Mickey & Becki) (1)
Jesus is the Answer (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Jimmy's Song (2nd Chapt.) (1)
Joy In The Morning (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Jules Verne Green Cheese (Paul Stookey) (1)
Just Like He Said He Would (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Keep Me Running (Randy Stonehill) (3)
Keep the Fire Going (Janny Grein) (1)
King David (The Family) (1)
King of Hearts (Randy Stonehill) (4)
Land of Oohs and Ahs (Reba Rambo) (2)
Lady (Reba Rambo) (3)
Lay Your Burden Down (Chuck Girard) (3)
Lear Jets/Father's Son (Barry McGuire) (1)
Let Everything Else Go (Phil Keaggy) (1)
Let Us Be One (Love Song) (1)
Lifesaver (Hope of Glory) (1)
Lift Him Up (Reba Rambo) (2)
Light Our Way (Maranatha) (1)
Light Up The Fire (Parchment) (1)
\ Lightshine (Resurrection Band) (1)
Lion of Judah - (Ted Sandquist & Friends) (1)
Little Country Church (Love Song) (8)
Little Pilgrim (Love Song) (7)
Live for Jesus (Honeytree) (2)
Live, Live, Live, Jesus' Coming (Choralerna) (1)
Livin' in the Sonshine (Gentle Faith) (1)
Livin' on the Edge of Dyin' (DeGarmo & Key) (1)
Long Distance Runner (DeGarmo & Key) (1)
Lonely Street (All Saved Freak Band) (1)
Lord of Glory (Marj Snyder) (1)
Love (Dove) (1)
Love Broke Thru (Phil Keaggy) (5)
Love Is (Barry McGuire) (1)
Love Of My Lord/Redwood Tree (Ted Sandquist) (1)
Love Song (Love Song) (4)
Love Song For Number Two (Mickey & Becki Moore) (1)
Lovely Jesus (Here I Am) (Honeytree) (2)
Make My Life a Prayer (Keith Green) (3)
Man in the Moon (Daniel Amos) (2)
Mansion Builder (2nd Chapter of Acts) (3)
Martyr Song (Erick Nelson, Michele Pillar) (1)
Mary (DeGarmo & Key) (1)
Melody (Honeytree) (1)
Mighty Clouds of Joy
Mighty Maker (Richie Furay) (1)
More Than Conquerors (Janny Grein) (1)
Mountain Top (Amy Grant) (1)
My Father's Eyes (Amy Grant (2)
My Redeemer Lives (Bob Bennett) (1)
Never Ending Love (Reba Rambo) (2)
News For You (Randy Stonehill) (1)
Nightmare (Larry Norman) (1)
97th Nightmare (Larry Norman) (1)
No More LSD For Me (Larry Norman) (1)
Noah (David & the Giants) (1)
Noah's Ark (Agapeland) (1)
Noah's Song (Phil Keaggy) (1)
Norman's Kitchen (Randy Stonehill) (1)
Now Do You Understand (Randy Matthews) (1)
Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins Singers) (1)
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (Keith Green) (1)
Oh What Joy (Tim Sheppard) (1)
On Turning to Dust (Mark Heard) (1)
One Rule For You (After the Fire) (1)
One Small Child (Evie) (1)
One Way (Larry Norman) (4)
Ordinary People (Danniebelle) (3)
The Outlaw (Norman) (14)
Pass It On (Kurt Kaiser) (2)
Pain That Plagues Creation (Mark Heard) (1)
Peace & Power (JC Power Outlet) (1)
Peace, Joy and Love (Dallas Holm) (1)
Pickin' up the Pieces (Archers) (1)
Pilgrim (After The Fire) (1)
Plastic Clown (Randy Matthews) (1)
Posse in the Sky (Daniel Amos) (2)
Praise Him (Janny Grein) (1)
Praise the Lord (Imperials) (4)
Praise Ye the Lord (Petra) (1)
Prince Of The International Kaleidoscope (All Saved Freak Band)
Prince Song (2nd Chapter of Acts) (1)
Prodigal Son Suite (Keith Green) (2)
Psalm 5 (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
Psalm 63 (Matthew Ward) (3)
Psalm 100 (All Saved Freak Band) (1)
Puppet Strings (Randy Stonehill) (1)
Put Your Hand in the Hand (Ocean) (1)
Put Your Life In His Hands (Larry Norman) (1)
Question (Bruce Hibbard) (1)
Read Between the Lines (Jerusalem) (1)
The Real Life (Dan Ryan Brooks) (1)
Release Me (Marj Snyder) (1)
Rejoice (Phil Keaggy) (1)
Remember Whose Child You Are (Dogwood) (2)
Rescued (Fireworks) (1)
The Rock That Doesn't Roll (Larry Norman) (7)
Rise Again (Dallas Holm) (3)
Rushing Wind (Keith Green) (1)
The Sacrifice Lamb (Lamb) (1)
Sacrifice Of Praise (Reba Rambo) (1)
Sail Me Away (Daniel Amos) (1)
Sail On Sailor (Mustard Seed Faith) (3)
Say I Do (Evie) (1)
Say It Like It Is (Malcom & Alwyn) (1)
Seawind (Seawind) (1)
Seen It Now (Pat Terry) (2)
The Serf and the King (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Scars (Farrell & Farrell) (1)
She's A Dancer (Norman) (1)
Sheep and the Goats (Keith Green) (2)
Shot Down (Larry Norman) (1)
Shotgun Angel (Daniel Amos) (2)
Sidney the Pirate (Mustard Seed Faith) (1)
Simple Song (Honeytree) (2)
The Six O'Clock News (Norman) (3)
666 (Larry Norman) (1)
Sky King (out across the sky) (Daniel Amos) (7)
Slow Down (Chuck Girard) (2)
Sodom (Jerusalem) (1)
Softly & Tenderly (Cynthia Clawson) (1)
Somebody Loves You (The Happy Sound) (1)
Sometimes Alleluia (Chuck Girard) (1)
Song For Emily (Randy Stonehill( (1)
Sparrow (2nd Chapt.) (1)
Speak To Me Dear Jesus (Damacus Road) (1)
Song for my Parents (Keith Green) (1)
Song Tailor (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Soon And Very Soon (Andrae Crouch & the Disciples) (1)
Storybook Realities (BJ Thomas) (1)
Straight Shot (Rob Cassels) (1)
Stronger than Before (Janny Grein) (2)
Summer Snow (Matthew Ward) (1)
Sunday Afternoon (Love Song) (1)
Sweet Communion (Karen Lafferty) (1)
Sweet Jesus Morning (Mustard Seed Faith) (2)
Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation (Norman) (2)
Sydney The Pirate (Mustard Seed Faith) (1)
Take Me Back (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Tell Them (Andrae Crouch) (1)
This Life (Evie) (1)
Tidal Wave (Daniel Amos) (1)
Til I Met The Christ (Tim Sheppard) (1)
Till the Walls Come Down (Matthew Ward) (1)
Time (Phil Keaggy) (18)
To God Be the Glory[My Tribute] (Andrae Crouch) (4)
To The Ancient of Days (Bob Ayala) (1)
Today (Danny Taylor) (1)
Too Small a Price (Don Francisco) (3)
The Lord is Calling You (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
The Tune (Norman) (5)
They'll Know We Are Christians (Various) (1)
This Little Child (Scott Wesley Brown) (1)
Through the Glass Darkly (Randy Stonehill) (2)
Tomorrow's News (Malcolm & Alwyn) (1)
Turn Around (Gentle Faith) (1)
Two Hands (Love Song) (2)
Two Roads (Country Faith) (3)
U.F.O. (Larry Norman) (7)
The Understanding Love (Phoenix Sonshine) (1)
The Victor (Keith Green) (1)
Walk On Water (Daniel Band) (1)
Walking on the Water (Wall Bros) (1)
Watch What You're Doin' (Norman) (1)
Watergrave (Dogwood) (1)
Water Grave (Imperials) (3)
We Expect You (Andrae Crouch) (1)
Wedding Song (There is Love) (Noel Paul Stookey) (1)
We're Giving Her Back To You (Reba Rambo-Mcguire) (1)
What a Day (Phil Keaggy) (3)
What a Glorious Life (Dan Ryan Brooks) (2)
What is Justice (Harvest) (1)
When He Returns (Bob Dylan) (1)
When I Hear The Praises Start (Keith Green) (3)
When I Was A Child (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
When I Was Alone (Sweet Comfort Band) (1)
Where Can I Go (Petra) (1)
Which Way The Wind Blows (2nd Chapter of Acts) (6)
Who Do You Say I Am (Pam Mark Hall) (1)
Why Don't You Look Into Jesus (Norman) (12)
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? (Larry Norman) (9)
Why Should the Father Bother (Petra) (1)
William (Daniel Amos) (1)
With This Ring (Pat Terry) (2)
Without You I Would Surely Die (Petra) (1)
Wonder of Your Love (Pat Terry) (1)
Would You Crucify Him? (John Michael Talbot) (1)
Yahweh (2nd Chapter of Acts) (1)
You (Keith Green) (1)
You Put This Love In My heart (Keith Green) (1)
Your Love Broke Through (Keith Green) (9)
Your Love Broke Through (Phil Keaggy) (2)
Zip Bam Boo (Parchment) (1)