Moonblood Angelus 1971?
Come Out Her
Eye Of The Hurricane
This Bird(Sky High)
Psychedelic fire and brimstone doom monster with heavy Doors-ish influence and ferociously guttural screamed lead vocals that rival Jim Morrison. Slow intense lengthy climactic songs (only six of them) that burn with loud grungy guitars, letting up occasionally for psych-drenched hazy dreamscapes. with wah-wah, fuzz, reverb, tremolo all strongly represented. Strange apocalyptic lyrics (virtually indecipherable without the lyric sheet) that are not your typical Christian fare by any means. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of psych privates, hence the accompanying $2500 whopper price tag (the 80's re-issue and more recent CD pressing exist as cheaper alternatives). The original pressing comes in a die-cut rad filter cover revealing moon inner sleeve. It don't get any heavier than this! KS