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Chuck Girard Good News 1975
Rock 'n Roll Preacher
You Ask Me Why
Sometimes Alleluia
Following the break-up of Love Song, I was very excited (and relieved) to hear that Chuck would be releasing a solo album. I recall waiting in line in Maranatha Village at Calvary Chapel to buy this one and the wait was worth it. From the first drum kick of the autobiographical "Rock 'n Roll Preacher" to the final chord of the classic worship song "Sometimes Alleluia", this is one great record. Not a throwaway cut on the whole album and the backup musicians, most from the group Ambrosia, make it a top-notch release. Only early solo album of Chuck's available on CD. DH

Glow In The Dark Good News 1976
Calling You
Something Supernatural
Old Dan Cotton
Continuing in the same mode as his debut, Glow in the Dark has a slightly harder rock edge to some of the songs like "Something Supernatural" and "I Remember" with Jon Linn on guitar. Some great stacked vocals throughout the album, a trademark from his background in many 60's vocal groups such as The Castells and The Hondells. Includes the concert favorite, "Old Dan Cotton." I've always called this the "convict" album because of his shirt! (sorry, Chuck :) DH

Written On The Wind Good News 1977
Spirit Wind
Harvest Time
Hear The Angels Sing
Written On The Wind sees Chuck mellow out with some nice ballads and pop numbers. Much of the album seems to have a worship feel to."Harvest Time" includes a nice violin duet. Still waiting for this one on CD. DH

Take It Easy Good News 1979
Take A Hand
Love Is Alive
Wings Of Mercy
Take It Easy kicks in with the rocking "Take A Hand" and reminds me a lot of his debut record with a late 70's sound. Solid songs and musicianship. Also released as a picture disc, the first of its kind in CCM. DH

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