(L to R: Scott Lockwood, Jim Golden, Dave Burgin & Bruce Cotton)

Lifting Up Our Voices
Touch Your Heart
Won't You Please
What Kind Of Man
Joy was the first country rock band out of Southern California to share contemporary Christian music. We were before Love Song. The only Christian music at that time was Joy, Andrae Crouch, and Larry Norman. The three members of Joy are Scott Lockwood, Jim Golden, and David Burgin. Bruce Cotton joined the group at a later date. We played every coffee house and every college campus in So. Calif. I have a lot of information and a great memory of the true story of the Jesus Movement and JOY was a very large part of what contemporary Christian Music is today. We saw thousands receive the Lord through our ministry.

The Joy Band did a concert at Swing Auditorium in San Bernadino, Calif. and the place was packed out. The San Bernadino newspaper had the Heading in four inch bold letters on the front page of the paper, "JOY COMES TO SAN BERNADINO" with a major article re: the concert. The speaker that night was a young man that spoke with a heavy Texas accent. We had never heard of him before and then he introduced himself as Hal Lindsey. Little did we know how God would use him in later years. I believe he was on staff with Campus Crusades up at Arrowhead, CA at the time we met him.

When Joy disbanded I was founder and lead singer of the Blessed Hope band. It was just Dave Rios and I in the beginning. I wrote the song " Something More". with Dave Rios. It is on the Maranatha! album. Dave Rios and I are on the back cover in concert at the Long Beach auditorium.

Contributed by former member David D. Burgin
August 1997