Phil Keaggy

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What A Day New Song 1973
That Is What The Lord Will Do For You
Jesus King Of The Jews
What A Day
Another name that is synonymous with the Jesus movement, Phil's cherished debut is a simple expression of songs he had written shortly after becoming a Christian. Recorded on a shoestring budget and within the span of a few days, Phil plays all the instruments. Standing in stark contrast to the electric rock that he had played for so many years with Glass Harp, this album was a pleasant acoustic departure and a worthy introduction for the Christian arena. The title track has always been a concert favorite and "That Is What The Lord Will Do For You" was always a pleasure to hear on KYMS in Santa Ana when it first it the air. Released on CD paired with Love Broke Thru. DH

That Is What The Lord Will Do For You
King Of The Jews
Walking With Our Lord
A Time And A Place
What A Day
Now I Can See
Behold, All Things Become New
I Will Sing

Phil Keaggy - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Gary Hedden - Engineer, Co-producer
Bob Combs - Photographs
Linny Cobb - Album Design
All Songs written, arranged, produced and performed by Phil Keaggy

Phil & Peter York

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Love Broke Thru New Song 1976
Love Broke Thru
Take Me Closer
As much as I love What A Day, this is the album that did it for me. From the pure pop of the title song to the beautiful "As The Ruin Falls," to the radical (for then) guitar rocker, "Time," this was a marvelous record. A true guitar fan album that was quite different from much of the west coast "Calvary Chapel" sound. Perhaps a little too heavy on the strings and keyboards occasionally and not enough electric guitar, it nonetheless made me an eternal fan of Phil Keaggy. Production credit goes to Buck Herring and includes many well-known musicians and the backing vocals of 2nd Chapter of Acts. Also noticeable is the appearance of Mylon Lefevre on BGV's; apparently his first step out of his drug days of the 70's. On CD along with What A Day. DH

Your Love Broke Thru
Take Me Closer
As The Ruin Falls
Wild Horse
Just The Same
Things I Will Do

Leland Sklar - Bass
Jim Gordon - Drums
Larry Knechtel - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ
Phil Keaggy - All Guitars
Michael Omartian - Aarpvark, String Arrangements
Don Menza - Flute
Marshall Cyr & Bill Baker - Horns
Keaggy, Hopper, Herring - Percussion
Mylon LeFevre, Matthew Ward, Annie Herring - Background Voices
George Poole - String Contractor
Recorded at Sunwest Studios, Hollywood and Frog Shoes, Burbank
Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood
Linny Cobb - Album Design
Stuart Scadron-Wattles
Ted Len - Cover Photography
Peter K. Hopper - Back Cover, Label and Sleeve Photography
Buck Herring - Engineer, Producer
Scott Ross - Executive Producer

Phil Keaggy Band - late 70's

Emerging New Song 1977
Turned On The Light
Take A Look Around
Emerging seems loose and relaxed as a band effort. Most of the tracks were recorded with little overdubbing and it gives it that live feel. These guys have remained friends over the years and Lynn Nichols later went on to produce several of Phil's albums. Great to hear Phil Madeira's keyboards and lead vocal on "Struck By The Love" and that band sound while still highlighting Phil's guitar. I saw this line-up a couple of times and these guys could put on a great concert! I always wished they had done a live album together. Soon to be released on CD. (So I've heard) DH

The Courts of the King New Song 1977 (1984 reissue on Myrrh)
Lion Of Judah
Come To The Courts Of The King
All That I Can Do
Okay, not officially a Phil Keaggy album but he's all over it so much I figured I might as well include it here. This is basically a praise and worship album of the songs of Ted Sandquist from the Love Inn Company in upstate New York. Phil's influence and guitar is felt all through the album without being over-bearing. He handles several of the lead vocals along with ex-Ronnette, Nedra Ross, Mary Hamilton and Ted himself. "All That I Can Do" has been sung in many a church since this release. Recently released on CD minus the instrumental "Selah." DH

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How The West Was One Myrrh 1977 (w/2nd Chapter of Acts)
My Life
Take Me Closer (Jam)
Time (Jam)
Bottom line - this is one of THE best live albums around. I left California the summer this tour took place and am so glad we have a recorded account of it. 2nd Chapter of Acts are at the top of their form on this 3-record set with the tight music of A Band Called David featuring Phil on guitar. All the cherished favorites of 2nd Chapter are here. Now, to put it bluntly, Phil's set is incredible! Extending out several of his songs from his first two albums including a 16 minute version of "Rejoice" from What A Day and the ultimate live 9 minute "Time" from Love Broke Thru; I hated for these songs to end! Includes the never released "My Life" and "Another Try" from the soon-to-be-released Emerging album. This had to have been the highlight of the summer in California that year. A must for Keaggy and 2nd Chapter fans. Available on CD but getting hard to find. DH

The Master & The Musician New Song 1978
Wedding In The Country Manor
Jungle Pleasures
What do you do with an eclectic instrumental guitar album that's ahead of its time in the late 70's? Today, this album would fit right in but in 1978 they had to concoct a story for it instead of letting it stand on its own merit - go figure. Actually, the idea for this album was based on an album released by early Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips entitled "The Geese and The Ghost". The parallel between these two albums is undeniable. Phil has admitted this was the source of the idea for doing this album. This album features Phil playing just about every instrument from rockers to folk to quiet ballads to classical, quite a variety from the master musician. Almost 20 years old, it never seems to sound dated. A great headphone album and classy cover! Released on CD with a bonus track. DH

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