Remembering Keith Green

July 28th marks the anniversary of Keith Green's death in an airplane crash in 1982 along with two of his children, the Smalley family and pilot, Don Burmeister. We are still saddened by his tragic death but mourn no longer as we celebrate his "homecoming" with the Lord he so loved to sing about and continue to enjoy the rich musical legacy he left with us. Keith was a prophetic voice to the church, an individual not always easily understood, yet loved by thousands. His message and music transformed many lives, including mine. This is a simple pictorial tribute to the man, the father, the musician, the prophet and the pastor.

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Stay on the Path (BC)

A young Keith - BC

Keith & Melody 1974
"I have been listening and reading about Keith Green for 6 months or so. My heart has really been touched with the love Keith had for God and the message he so desperately tried to get out to as many people as he could reach, like as if he knew he had just a short time to do such a big job for Jesus. I want that fire and urgency in my heart like Keith had in his. I was in the time of the Jesus movement like Keith and Melody but I moved to the other side of the fence and served the wrong god for to many years. Oh how I would have loved to been apart of Last Days Ministry and what God was doing through them...but God's Word never changes and we can do as Jesus commands... "GO"!!!

Engaged 1973

New believers 1975
You Put This Love In My Heart

"I just want to tell how positive and challenging the message of Keith's songs have been to my life. I remember listening to two of his recordings in 1981. They were "No Compromise" and "For Him Who Has Ears To Hear." I loved the songs at once. A few months later I read all about the accident and his sudden death. It affected me and I wanted to know more about his ministry. I got the tape "The Prodigal" and then "Jesus Commands Us To Go!" They became favorites to me. You know, these things are not very common for a person living outside the U.S.A. and not having the same background North Americans have. I've always lived in Peru, a South American country, but music has been my passion since I can remember and Christian music in English has a special meaning for me. Thank God I've been able to learn your language well enough to enjoy all these things. For many years I forgot about Keith and the message God put in his heart. But almost a year ago I started to search for CDs to replace my old tapes, and then I placed a note on a bulletin board and after a few months I got a mail from someone telling me where to find Keith's music. I've been able to learn more from this simple mortal used in an extraordinary way by our God. I am blessed by his music and try to share it with friends here in my country. The message, no matter in what language it is, is powerful because it comes from the Lord of lords."

Back cover of "For Him Who Has Ears To Hear" 1977

Christmas 1978
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