Love Song
Tommy Coomes * John Mehler * Jay Truax * Chuck Girard * Bob Wall

Love Song Good News 1972
 A Love Song
 Two Hands
 Feel The Love
 Little Country Church
I doubt when Chuck Girard, Jay Traux, Tommy Coomes and Bob Wall walked into the studio they knew the result would be this masterpiece. Jesus music's most popular early group records a beautiful expression of their new faith and love for Christ on their debut. Free of strings and fade-outs, this is the album that so many others tried to copy during the 70's. Countless young musicians cut their teeth on this record and songs like "Little Country Church", "Two Hands", "A Love Song", and "Front Seat Back Seat" became synonymous with the Jesus movement. Top-notch production and plenty of soft pop/rock with a little country thrown in.The word classic is used many times in these pages but this album is a true classic. If I could take only one album with me to a deserted island, this would be it. DH

Final Touch Good News 1974
 Since I Opened Up The Door
 Think About What Jesus Said
 Jesus Puts The Song In Our Hearts
 Don't You Know
Final Touch was the group's second and last studio effort. A mixture of concert favorites and other songs they never attempted live. Not quite as ground breaking or unique as the first album but includes may great tunes including "Little Pilgrim", "Since I Opened Up The Door", the poppish "Don't You Know" and my personal fave, "Living Water", with Jay Truax on oboe and a nice flute interlude. Strings are used more frequently, a common "occurrence" with recordings during the mid-70's. DH

Feel The Love Good News 1977
 Feel The Love Live Medley
Thank goodness Love Song reunited two years after breaking up to record this live double album during their 1976 reunion tour. Pretty much note for note renditions of all their favorites, it doesn't break much new ground. Includes a great drum solo by John Mehler, a beefed-up version of Let Us Be One and lots of sharing from Chuck. An important account of an unforgettable tour. DH

1973 Knott's Berry Farm Poster w/Phil Keaggy
(from Bill Hoppe's Jesus Music collection & archives)

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