Malcolm & Alwyn (UK)

Alwyn Wall was born in Nottinghamshire in 1949. His first band formed in the early sixties were called The Nightriders. Then at the age of fifteen Alwyn met Malcolm Wild and they formed The Zodiacs.

Influenced by the Beatles the pair became obsessed with their heroes and eventually met George Harrison who turned them on to meditation, but they found this wasn't enough. They looked elsewhere and found Jesus Christ and looked no further.

As a duo they extensively toured the U.S. to promote their first album 'Fool's wisdom' which was well received, and the single 'Say It Like It Is' became a radio hit in Kansas. They also lived in California for six years before returning to the U.K. to record their second album 'Wildwall'.
Mike Edmunds

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Fool's Wisdom Grapevine (Myrrh) 1973
(PYE Records NSPL 18404) re-issued on Kingsway.

Say It Like It Is
Fool's Wisdom
Things Are Getting Better
Sure to evoke a smile from anyone familiar with the 70's music scene is the Liverpudlian duo of Malcolm Wild and Alwyn Wall. Warm acoustic sounds and harmonies made even more appealing by the dulcet tones of Malcolm's autoharp. Songs on Fool's Wisdom like the title track and 'Tomorrow's News' (a post-rapture account from those left behind) are richly orchestrated, while others allow the acoustic instruments to reign. Others like 'Seed Of Corn' and 'The World Needs Jesus' are backed by organ and electric piano. Electric guitar is not excluded as evidenced by the rocker 'Heaven Or Hell', the twangy 'You're Always On My Mind' and the psychy 'It's Here The Answer Lies'. KS

Say It Like It Is
Fool's Wisdom
Tomorrow's News
Growing Old
Things Are Getting Better
Heaven Or Hell
Seed Of Corn
The World Needs Jesus
Always On My Mind
It's Here The Answer Lies

Produced by : Jon Miller, Rod Edwards, Roger Hand

Credits :
All Songs Composed By Malcolm Wild & Alwyn Wall
Recorded at AIR London Studios
Engineers: Jack Clegg, Denny Bridges
String & Woodwind Arrangements: Chris Gunning
Guitar & Vocals: Alwyn Wall
Autoharp & Vocals: Malcolm Wild
Keyboards & Percussion: Rod Edwards and Roger Hand
Electric Guitar: Mickey Keen
Bass: John Wetton
Drums: Clem Cattini

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WildWall Myrrh 1974
(KEY Records KL022)

I Feel Fine
I Love You More Than Yesterday
I'll Carry You Through
Wildwall pumps up the volume a notch with more rock and roll ('I Feel Fine', 'Spaceman', and 'Buried Alive'). A bit of Harrison-esque guitar graces 'I'll Carry You Through' while harmonica and a Byrd-sy guitar solo adorn the pure folkrock of the title track. 'Stay With Me' is up there with the best acoustic gems from Fool's Wisdom. Both these albums were introduced to us Americanos via Myrrh records. You most certainly need them both. KS

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