Nutshell (UK)

In Your Eyes Myrrh 1976
A British folk group (previously called Jesus Revolution) whose music revolved around the song writing talents of Paul Field. On this first album Pam May and Heather Barlow round out the trio whose most obvious parallel is the American trio 2nd Chapter of Acts. DS

Flyaway Myrrh 1977
 Walking Into The Wind
A second album which continues in the vein of mellow folk songs. The songs "Moonlight" and title track "Flyaway" are exceptional. DS

Begin Again Myrrh 1978
 Don't Let Me Fall
 Take Me Down
Lineup changes included Mo McCafferty and Annie McCaig replacing Pam Thiele (nee May) and Heather Barlow. Outstanding tracks include "Love With No Limit," "Starry Eyed & Laughing." The band released their next album, Believe It Or Not, before Field went on to perform solo. DS

Believe It Or Not Myrrh 1979