Out Of Darkness (UK)

Out Of Darkness Key 1970
Closin' In On Me
Lemonade and Peanuts
Hustle Bustle
Virtual Tyrannosaurus Rex of early Jesus music crawling out from the London underground on Britain's pioneering Key label. This is the one folks! Heavy duty progressive hard rock scorcher with tons of loud blistering guitar work which gets incredibly spastic at times as on 'Closin' In On Me'. Must've been the gutsiest thing ever released on a Christian label at the time. Nods to 70's sounds of Hendrix, Cream, punchy Stones rhythm guitar, playing the gamut of styles, too: 'Lemonade And Peanuts' is loud blues/beat with wailing harmonica, psychedelic folk is explored on 'Homeland', and 'Hustle Bustle' features some nifty jazz-influenced guitar. Pretty hard for the common man to come by, too, as bigtime collectors "discovered" it a few years ago and ensuing bid wars successfully shot the thing up near 4-digit figures for a while. Intriguing pink and purple band cover photo (no smiles) with negative image on the back. Two black guys and two white guys, the drummer sporting a nifty fedora that is beyond cool. For the more budget-minded, a re-issue from 1990 is available with a limited pressing of 500, albeit with a totally different cover that opens up into a 6-panel poster. KS

Celebration Club Session CD Plankton (UK) 1993
1993 CD release of different songs performed live recorded at the Celebration Club in 1972.