Recent Jesus Music Releases & Reissues

If you have a release you'd like included here please contact me for further details.

Hello. Id like to announce the new Wilson McKinley double-CD "Now I'm A Jesus Freak" (released August 15). Heres the link to the new Wilson McKinley double album:
The PayPal link at is the only payment available so far. If you would prefer to wait until I post this album on Amazon, it should take a week or two for the bar code registry, etc. (but will have a higher price on Amazon to offset their "cut"). Preview copies are available to interested media outlets, and wholesale pricing applies to quantities of 5 or more. I ship worldwide.
Thanks for your support of the classic Jesus Rock band, the Wilson McKinley
--Tim at Tanignak Productions

Selah: 3rd album never released when first recorded in the 70s


Dan Brooks - I Will Go On
New release by Dan Brooks, guitarist/singer/songwriter who performed as a Contemporary Christian Music artist in the Southern California/Orange Co. area during the 70's at venues such as Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa and Lakewood First Baptist Church. He continues to write and record out in the Riverside/Moreno Valley area, where he resides with his family. This album is available if you contact dan at: CD's are $12 including shipping and handling. To hear clips visit: Click on "Dan Brooks" to hear samples from the album.

The New Creation CD

Dana Angle "Back To You" CD (former member of The Way)

The Pilgrims "Telling Youth...The Truth" CD (early English beat group)

The 2nd updated edition of The Jesus People Movement: An Annotated Bibliography and General Resource, the first in a line of resources offering information on this revival.

Added 12/12/02
The Way - Compilation of two albums "The Way" and "Can It Be?" Digitally re-mastered. To order, send $15 plus $5 S&H to:
"The Way"
(Payable to) Dana Angle
1777 Mitchell #82
Tustin, CA 92780

Added 12/09
"Love Is Born" by Wendy Fremin (formerly of Children of the Day). "My friends and I just released a Christmas CD called "Love is Born" by Wendy Fremin and the Love is Born Team. It is available at the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Chapel Store and also at the Calvary Chapel Murrieta Bookstore, in California. It was absolutely great to get back into the studio and we felt God's leading and blessing the whole way. If anyone has questions about this please contact me at

Added 12/05
"Let The Music Move Me" by Stephen Alexandersen is now available on Reborn Records. The complete original album on CD with 3 brand new songs added.

Added 10/02

  • New Randy Stonehill album! "Edge of the World" Order HERE

    Added 8/02

  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music by Mark Powell - Finally! Mark Powell has written an excellent and massive book of everything you've always wanted to know about artists from the early Jesus music days to today. Includes artists' websites and album reviews. A must have for any Jesus music lover. This will take you months to read!!

  • Mark Heard Tribute Project

    Added 7/02

  • David Edwards - The Collected Archives
    David's first two albums, David Edwards (1980) and Get The Picture, (1983) are available now from Blind Records in a two-CD set. This release includes a demo recording of a previously unreleased song from the late seventies, a live cut from the Greenbelt festival in 1982, plus a couple of newly-recorded bonus tracks.

  • Liberation Suite
    NEW! "Fight For The Light" - 2002
    "Stride For Stride" - Reissue on CD 2001
    "Liberation Suite 25th Anniversary Edition" - 2000
    "Water And Blood" - 1991

  • Aether Records - They carry the following recent CDs: Vindication, Whitsuntide, Out of Darkness & The Holy Ghost Reception Committee #9 CD

  • Ishmael & Andy "Ready Salted" and Ishmael's "Charge Of The Light Brigade" CD reissues

  • Water Into Wine Band "Hill Climbing For Beginners" CD reissue

  • Harvest Flight "One Way" CD reissue

    Added 6/02
  • New CD reissues - Larry Norman's "Upon This Rock" and Randy Stonehill's classic "Welcome To Paradise"

  • John Fischer book - "Fearless Faith: Living Beyond the Walls of Safe Christianity"
    Available at John's site

    Added 5/02
  • The Misfit - Erick Nelson & Michele Pillar (CD) - Reissue of this 1979 classic.
    Available at

    Added 4/02
  • Best of The Bridge (CD) - Available at

    Added 12/01
  • CD compilation "Seth" and "Seth Psalms" with 3 bonus tracks including "Keep The Fire Burning." 80 minutes. $25.00 + $3.60 postage. Payable to: Jonathan David Brown / P.0. Box 905 / Springfield, Missouri 65801
    (multiple copies (3 or more) may be obtained at a discounted rate)

    Added 11/01:
  • Chuck Girard - The Heart of Christmas
    Christmas carols and originals done "Chuck style"

  • Jamie Owens Collins - The Gift of Christmas & A Time for Courage
    1987 Chritmas album and reissue of her 1985 album

  • David Edwards - Christmas Carols Old and New
    Nine old favorites, plus a new Christmas song written and performed by David Edwards and Randy Stonehill, plus Miriam, by Pierce Pettis.

  • Wilson McKinley - Anthology Vol. 1
    Northwest Jesus-Rock pioneers - 1970 to 1980

  • Dan Cunningham - Into the Flow
    Musical impressions for acoustic guitar by the former Phil Keaggy Band member

  • Gary S. Paxton - The Adventures of Dr. Redempto