Resurrection Band

Music To Raise The Dead Custom 1974
 Down Baby
 Growin' Stronger
Cassette-only release recorded on a TEAC 4-track in Gary Rotta's basement shows the humble beginnings of the band and hints strongly at the hard rock to come. From the cassette cover: "The mixing desk was originally used to record one of Elvis's early number one hits. This tape was mixed entirely with headphones 'cuz Mrs. Rotta was trying to sleep."

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Awaiting Your Reply Starsong 1978
The Return
Just in case by some fluke there's someone out there that's never heard of Jesus music's premier hard rock outfit, let me assure that early Rez Band is definitely all that they're cracked up to be. They weren't the first to worship and evangelize at high volume, though they're probably the best known and certainly one of the first to get major label attention and be taken seriously from an artistic perspective. The band had been together long before this release finally saw light, dispensing a couple cassette demos to riff-starved hippies that frequented their urban Chicago-based ministry Jesus People USA(JPUSA). Fine 70's-style heavy classic rock. Enough said - it's out on CD now, though the original gatefold cover is an artistic masterpiece well worth seeking out. KS

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Rainbow's End Starsong 1979
Pivotal lp from this important band. Without Rez who knows where the rockers would be? An excellent package - colorful graphics with a very different cutaway cover. Musically 1979? No way! 1972 maybe. Great tough r 'n' r with Glenn Kaiser's scorching lead guitar and vocals, Tom Cameron's smoking harmonica. First apartheid song appears here, 'Afrikaans'. If 'Paint A Picture' don't sound like Aerosmith I'll take a permanent vacation. If this wasn't on a major label people would be dying for it! Life altering. Expect no less from this band. BF

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