Ron Salsbury
& The JC Power Outlet

Ron Salsbury & The JC Power Outlet Myrrh 1972
"Boy, that really sounds flat!" said my roommate at the raw unpolished high-energy rock-n-roll-for-Jesus emanating from my car stereo. But hey - that's what made bands like this so lovable. Definitely the rowdiest offering from the early Myrrh gang with fast-pounding drums, chooka chooka rhythm guitar, in-your-face lyrics, blitzing hard rock guitars. How's this for a song ending: "WOAH!" (guitar/drum crash) "YEAH!" (another crash) "HALLAY!" (and another) "LUJAH!" (another) "YEAAAAAAHHH!" (frenzied climax)- images of shaggy-haired Jesus freaks with big ol' goony grins are immediately conjured. There's an intense version of Andrae Crouch's 'Satisfied' that cooks some serious bacon. Sandwiched between these monsters are gentle acoustic tunes - consider them opportunities to catch your breath. Schizoid, yes - sheesh, one even has a trombone lead. But that rock stuff - it totally blew my bag of donuts away. KS

Forgiven... Myrrh 1974
 Peace & Power
Away back when my knowledge of Christian rock albums numbered about ten, I stumbled upon this item, intrigued by the cover of an apple with a band-aid on it. I recognized the song 'I Choose To Follow You' from the Jubilation! sampler - years later I still think it's one of my favorite ballads - musically immaculate and lyrically convicting. What I wasn't prepared for was dropping the needle on side one and realizing I'd just discovered my first Christian hard rock album. Years later I learned it's actually their second release and it follows a similar pattern to the debut, alternating the harder-edged songs with quieter material. Bigger budget this time gives a fuller sound - I like the inclusion of mellotron on the ballads but coulda done without the horns and female BGV's that detract from a couple cuts. Lyrically tackles issues of commitment, falling away, even astrology ('my sign is a blood stained cross"). I recall 'Give Him Your Love' irritating my roommate because of its changing time signatures (is that 5/4 I hear?). This one'll always be special to me. KS

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