The Sheep

Jeesus-Rock! Finnievy 1972
Oh Happy Day(Finnish)
Jumala Ompi Linnamme(A Mighty Fortress)
Group of Americans that transplanted to England and somehow ended up wandering into Finland to record and release this ultra-obscurity. Yep, it's the same Sheep that went on to record Lonesome Stone and the self-titled lp on the Myrrh UK label. And no, the album title is not misspelled - that's because it's in Finnish, as are all the liner notes and 4 of the 10 songs. Actually the cover lists the band name as "Karitsat", Finnish for sheep. The sound here is similar to that on the Myrrh lp ('Multitudes' appears on both albums), but this is a much more low-budget effort, hence a more primitive feel. 'Oh Happy Day' and a hard-rock version of 'A Mighty Fortress' (here called 'Jumala Ompi Linnamme') are both done in Finnish. Enjoy the music and expand your culture at the same time. KS

The Sheep Myrrh Gold 1973 (UK)
Alpha And Omega
Generation Of The King
For this album (one of the first on Britain's Myrrh label) The Sheep poured lots of organ onto their mildly progressive brand of hard rock with a bit of commercial appeal and good guitar work throughout. Some cuts like 'Generation Of The King' have a strong Jefferson Airplane vibe. Bluesy harmonica growls over a lean boogie beat on 'Harvest'. 'Changes' slows things down with some psychy phased guitar. Bigger budget and better sound than the Finland thing. Co-produced by Jim Palosaari who went on to work with Servant. Also included here is the title track from the Lonesome Stone soundtrack (on which The Sheep also played). KS