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Play movie NightLights: Contemporary Christian Music - A Look Back
Recent interview with Jesus music veterans Paul Clark and Chuck Butler (Country Faith/Parable)

Play movie Shiloh Community 1972

Play movie The Son Worshipers (1972)
Movie piecemealed together by Bob Cording and Weldon Hardenbrook and distributed through Larry Norman's One Way label. It's a 30 minute documentary of the Jesus People Movement featuring interview footage, some great moments on campus at University of California at Berkeley, some Calvary Chapel scenes shot of the early days at Calvary Chapel. This movie includes footage of Larry Norman, Jack Sparks (Christian World Liberation Front), Duane Pederson (Hollywood Free Paper), Arthur Blessitt (His Place on Sunset Strip), the preaching of Os Guinness and interview footage of Jesus freak evangelist Lonnie Frisbee interspersed with music by Larry Norman, Love Song and others. Vintage Jesus Movement stuff!

Kathryn Kuhlman with the Jesus People
Take a trip back in time to 1971 with the kids from Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa as they meet on the set with Kathyrn Kuhlman. Includes rare footage of Chuck Smith, Duane Pederson, Lonnie Frisbee and early performances by Children of the Day, Love Song, Debby Kerner, Country Faith and all the Jesus People. (1971)
Play movieKathryn with Duane Pederson and Chuck Smith
Play movieEveryone - "For Those Tears I Died"
Play movieDebby Kerner - "Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is Risen"
Play movieLove Song - "Welcome Back"
Play movieCountry Faith - "Ballad of Luke Warm"
Play movieChildren of the Day - "For Those Tears I Died"
Play movieEveryone - "Happy, Happy"
Play movieLonnie Frisbee
Play movieEveryone - "Alleluia"

 2nd Chapter of Acts with Phil Keaggy & a Band Called David (1977)
Play movie"Which Way the Winds Blows"
Play movie"Yahweh"
Play movie"Easter Song"
Play movie"I Don't Wanna Go Home" (Annie Herring with Phil Keaggy)

 Love Song w/Phil Keaggy (Harvest Crusade late 1990s)
Play movie"Feel The Love"