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"Ok, I had to choose one, but I Upon this Rock can still move me all these years later. I think it is the honesty in the music of those times. As an extra, try Fighter, the best thing Graham Kendrick ever recorded. Nowadays all seems so samey and commercial, until I found Stephanie Mainville. Now she has some of that same 70's spirit, and has only released one album, and that only about 2 years ago."

"I loved so much early Jesus music and still prefer most of it to most of the music today although Phillips Craig & Dean are at the top of my current music list and have sung some great music. Phil Keaggy and 2nd Chapter of Acts were instrumental in my being able to not miss rock n roll. Maranatha! Music, Keith Green, Evie, Malcolm & Alwyn, Imperials were all such a blessing to our spiritual lives."

"I chose Chuck Girard because of his love for vocals. I chose Final Touch because the vocals on both this and the Love Song album were top notch! But I chose Keith Green's When I Hear the Praises Start because it was a Word from the Lord that He later confirmed with scripture. A very important moment in my life I will never forget."

"I met Randy Matthews at an outdoor concert in rural Dawson, MN on a friends farm. My daughter was only 5 at the time, but she remembers the concert as if it happened yesterday! Sure wish we could do those concerts again."

"Much like todays world which is approaching the last days music today is angry,full of hatred. In the late 60's and seventies the world was a more friendly easy going place to live. todays Christian rock does not measure up to the classics of this hippie era and never will. to me Larry normans witty songs on the early albums of the 70's were some of the best showing everything from folk,pop,acid rock and humor. also of note is malclm and alwyn's foolish wisdom which has a great bass sound among the acoustic elements a truly fine album of this bygone era."

"I came in at the tail end of the Jesus Music scene (around '82)so I guess you could say I was a member of the next generation, however I think that all the artists that came before(late 60's--70"s) laid a very important groundwork for those to come. I was in high school in '82 and all my friends were finding the Lord and began inviting me to Bible study. We all had a background in heavy metal (Judas Priest,Iron Maiden etc..)and finally one of them said to me "you should come to bible study.We listen to Christian Rock and it's pretty good." My initial thought was "oh...yippie". Nonetheless, he handed me his walkman and I put it on. I pushed the "play" button and my ears were assaulted with the most wonderful screaming guitar lead I had heard in awhile. This turned out to be "Autograph" by Resurrection band and I was quite suprised that "church music" could be so raw and honest. Shortly thereafter I became a Christian myself and discovered Keith, Randy, Paul Clark, Parable, Darrell, and so forth. Because of my muscial inclinations however, my favorites were Barnabas, Jerusalem, Daniel Band, and ultimately, Stryper, Bloodgood and the subsequent Christian metal explosion. But these later bands were the product of the pioneering work of those artists of the previous decade who were showing the world that Jesus was real and had a relevant message to everyone of any culture."

"Such an amazing song and record! "More Than Conquerors" should be considered one of the greatest gospel songs ever written, right alongside "Rise Again" and all the others. Her excellence in performance, vocals and songs are in every way distinct and original. She should be recognized more than she has been. Janny holds her own. Her music is just as powerful and great as Larry, Randy and Keith Green."

"It was the spring of 1978 when as a 14 year old I saw my first CCM concert by the group GLAD. I was totally blown away that Christian music could have a rock sound and not be like the southern gospel stuff I had heard growing up. Groups like DeGarmo & Key, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, Keith Green and the Imperials also were high on my list as I was growning up as a teenager. Those groups weren't afraid to sing about Jesus in their music. Thank God for early CCM artists. They helped me along in my walk with Jesus."

"Huge admirer of Don Francisco. I also loved the music of Limpic & Rayburn. Sure would like to know whatever happened to those guys, they were really good!"

"Not fair to have only one favorite. While Keith Green maintains to be the top, there are about 30 others that come in a smidgeon of an inch to his place."

"I was 10 when Keith Green died and remember crying over losing someone who was special to me! After leaving my First Love for a few years and then by God's grace being called back to Him... Keith's music still has so much impact."

"Have been a Christian music junkie for YEARS. Love all the older artists as well as many of the new breed. GOD BLESS HIS FAITHFUL TROUBADORS!!!!!"

"wow... i'm a freshman in highschool and was introduced to marj snyder a few years ago by my dad, such a beautiful voice, love this material. im curious as to what happened to any of you know? thanks..."

"So many great songs, special mention to Randy Matthews' Live album"

"First albums shortly after I was saved were Andrae Crouch & the Disciples, Evie, Maranatha, Love Song and the Imperials. Big influences in my life not long after were Don Francisco (awesome concerts), 2nd Chapter of Acts, Glad, Keith Green, Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart and Sheila Walsh. Actually dozens more come to mind, who can choose? Each time I listen to a classic Christian oldie it brings me back to an awesome memory and experience from the past."

"I had my first intro to the 70's music in Turkey while in the Air Force in 1980 when a neighbor in my dorm had over 100 cassettes (compilations) and he lent them to me. When he left, he gave me the entire collection: Larry Norman, Rez Band, Amy Grant, Keith Green and lots more. I wore those tapes out. When I returned to the states, I went to a bookstore and bought 4 albums per month. I wish I still had that collection."

"Janny Grein rocks!!! She is my favorite, ok, I know her, so I'm a little prejudice when it comes to the subject of favorite artist. (: She truly is anointed and talented. God has used her and her husband, Bill, to bless my life beyond what words can express. They are "Mom and Dad Grein", and will always be special to me. Check it If you're hurting, if you need help, you'll find Jesus's love AND power through this wonderful ministry."

"Who knew an 18 year old kid could get into this stuff? Jesus Music is more than just a Christian alternative to 70's sounding music; there really is something special here."

"i was raised on this music. what a wonderful website to find! thanks for all the hard work here. it was a blessing to me."

"Benny Hester had a few good tunes - remember "When God Ran". This was all great inspired music that I remember fondly."

"I was still in High School when Danny taylor was recorded at this concert at Carnigie Hall. Some friends from Snoopy's Place in Schenectady NY invited me to join them on a road trip to attend-but I had a NY state regents exam the next morning. My Jesus friends often spent time visiting or living in community at Love In in Ithica. My mother would not let me go on a road trip with post high school people to a place called Love-in that published a newspaper called Free Love. My mother also could not understand why I liked "religious" things so much. She told me I would grow out of it. Everyday I thank God for leading me in a "Jesus kind of life". I was always excited to see Danny Taylor play in concert-and often counted how many instruments he played (many). The Holy Spirit was there. He also playfully sang "the Ballad of Johney Mark" in honor of a little toddler with us who was trying to crawl on to stage. I was at a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship breakfast meeting when he first sang "Pamela" named after his then very young daughter-but about a teen running away from God. Both that song and "Today" contained a lot of faith about the children of Jesus People comming to know a living faith in Jesus. "Today" was probably never recorded-it was written on a retreat at Sacandagua Bible conference- speaks of "praying on the meadow green...chasing sunbeems through the trees, knelt beside the old white chapel...watched the faces of the children....and prayed that one day they would know the gentle fullness of His glory, and in Jesus they would grow.

When I was in labor for my first child I found myself singing "inch by inch, row by row, come and bless these seeds I sow" I think that was Noel Paul Stooky.

I followed the Scott Ross Show on CBN NE radio-prior to the formation of the TV network. I listened to a local Radio show that was done in like fashion-Lamplighters on WRPI Troy NY while in high school. In college I ended up assisting the announcers and engineers, praying and answering phone calls.

I still remember Pamela and JM in my prayers occasionally, especially when I look at an old song sheet that predates the we have to begin respecting copyright realization of my faith community in about 1974. I'm glad I have that last bit of contraband, because I have no other way of remembering the words and music of Danny Taylor. I remember being so embarrassed when a friend I brought to a concert wanted Danny's autograph. For me he was a worship leader, brother, someone to thank God for, I never knew him personally, he had a ministry and I will always thank God for him. Is Danny Taylor still singing, praying, and praising? Can any of his work be found on CD or on line? I don't think I ever had money to buy his albums when I was young, and the few tapes/records I obtained when phased out of radio use have deteriorated badly."

"I was introduced to Jesus Music as a young unbeliever in the 80's by friends. I remember seeing Servant at Melodyland and 441 at Calvary Chapel. I used to have a copy of Roar of Love by 2nd Chapter of Acts that I loved. Got saved in '92 and the search began. Early faves from those days were King's X, Darrell Mansfield, Roby Duke, Jon Gibson and Crystal Lewis. I am always searching for new music and was totally into the Tooth & Nail thing for a long time, a guy's gotta rock! Then, last year I discovered ASFB, Out of Darkness, Children of the Day, The Exkursions, Randy Matthews, JC Power Outlet,Wilson McKinley and the list goes on. Fantastic! Like finding a treasure chest! Just got a Hank Laake Band record, awesome. Jesus Music, wow!"

"I saw them (JC Power Outlet) in concert at a Christian College in the mid 70's and I had an 8 track tape of this album. I haven't heard their music in decades and yet recently this song has begun to run through my mind once again as it has so many times over the years, the lyrics and tune are still so familiar to me even after all this time the music blessed me, gave me strength and hope and a sense of unity with other believers. Strangely enough, it still does."

"Resurrection Band is the undisputed champions of rock. Stavesacre is gaining ground. The 77s are still right up there."

"I was one of the Jesus Freaks of Bellingham, Washington in 1969, that ran the first Christian Coffeehouse in town. It was called "The Superior Cleaner Coffeehouse." It has been a cleaners before we got it, and we figured Jesus was "the superior cleaner." Our most frequent musical guests were "The Brethren," out of Seattle, featuring Wayne Taylor and Dave Doherty. We were good friends with Scott Campbell, who is considered by some scholars the first D.J. in North American to host a Jesus Music show on the radio. It was on KARI, out of Blaine, and beamed into Vancouver, BC.

Some of the first acts Scott brought into Vancouver, and Bellinghmam were Larry Norman, Love Song (with a then unknown Phil Keaggy substituting on lead guitar), and the Archers. Phil Keaggy remains one of the most repsected musicians of all time, in my book. He continues to grow, both musically and spiritually (as far as I can tell). After playing guitar in churches for over 30 years, I joined the Eastern Orthodox Church, where we do everything a cappella. It's fun to listen to the old stuff once in a while, but it's not my thing on Sunday mornings anymore."

"I became a Christian in 1975 while listening to Only Visiting This Planet, after seeing Larry in concert in 1974 here in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Been through some rough times but an mow walking with the Lord again and the music of the Jesus People still inspires me."

"What a great website! I listened to so many great early Christian artists and went to many concerts in the 70's when I was between ages 5 and 8. Now I'm 34 (older than my parents were at the time). God's presence was so strong in that indescribable time." - Randy Carlson, Pegram, TN

"The Jesus movement still lives today as so does the music, I prefer the music of that era than today."

"For hard-core Daniel Amos fans, no amount of superlatives can do justice to this album (Horrendous Disc). To them, this legendary recording was the pinnacle of DA's coolness. This can be ordered online at"

"I discovered 2nd Chapter of Acts first 2 albums in the library when I was in 5th grade. They made shallower applications of wailing guitar lines seem pointless by comparrison. Now I'm 44 and I have to wonder if there are any others like me (born-again at an early age, who later surprisingly found themselves defined by an unsolicited sexual orientation that turned their worlds upside down). I may have let go of all the oh-too-idolized dogma, but 2nd Chapter of Acts reminds me that our Savior lives and loves me more than ever. Hallelujah!"

"It's hard to pick a favorite group/artisit...the late 70's early 80's was pure gold for CCM, but The Imperials' "One More Song For You" still holds up well today. Russ Taff was awesome, and Michael O'Martian was a magician. Every song on that album was terrific. "Priority" runs a real close second. Too bad CCM went downhill in recent years. I wonder if it wasn't the quality of albums like this, that pushed Christian music into the mainstream, that lead to CCM's gradual demise as a useful witness for Christ. Just a thought..."

"I am a Gen Xer who has found much inspiration in Jesus music. Thank you for putting out this extraordinary information."

"Daniel Band is my favorite all time band in all geners of music."

"I love Love Song, Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Randy Stonehill, Petra, Oden Fong and all the "Crazy Voices" of what are refered to as "Pioneer Christian Rock."

"Great mixed group (The Happy Sound) working out of S. Philadelphia in the early 1970s. They recorded an independent album produced by Lari Goss and Pierce LeFevere in Atlanta GA. Appeared at first Jesus fest in Morgantown PA in 1973 with more than 15000 people attending.Were part of a live album recorded at the event called LIFT JESUS HIGHER. Also appearing were Andrae Crouch and the Disciples. Disbanded in 1974 with various members pursuing other musical ministries."

"Great site. What a wonderful time the Lord gave us."

"I was digging through an old box last night and found an old cassette tape with the word, "Chalice" on it. I played it and re-lived a concert I taped back in 1978. I have always loved their song about The Prodigal Son, and had not heard it for at least 20 years! Out of curiosity,I wondered what became of them? I typed in "Chalice," and Christian music, and was led to this site! It has been such a joy reminiscing and recalling songs and groups I have forgotten about over the years. I agree with so many that it was quite difficult to choose just one favorite artist as I had so many!Being 48 years old,I had the wonderful opportunity to hear so many of these wonderful groups in person. The music they presented was truly meaningful, encouraging, and worshipful as well. It is nothing like the watered-down, "Christian music" we have today. I went to college in central FL, from 1977-1980, so I had access to the Jesus Festivals in Orlando. (I still have my ticket stub and the Programs for Jesus '78-'80)At the time, Calvary Assembly of God in Orlando, and First Assembly of God in Lakeland, (now called The Carpenter's Home) were very progressive in promoting The Jesus Music groups of the 70's. To this day, I can still recall Keith Green's challenge at the end of a concert admonishing every Christian be totally, and unashamedly sold out to Jesus. I still have the albums I bought at that concert. He always said if you couldnt afford an album, pay what you could, or just take one. I heard the Pat Terry Group back in 1975 at Bryan College. I always loved the song about Jesus' 2nd Coming. I also noticed someone said in one of the comments that"I Choose to Follow You" was their anthem in high school. It was mine as well during my freshman year at Christian college. It was one of the first songs I learned how to play on the guitar. Well, I could go on and on about the wonderful Jesus music, but time and space won't allow that. Thanks for bringing back the music that defined my spirtitual walk. I still have many of the albums, 8-tracks and cassettes from that time.After I send this, I am going to go down to the basement and dust off Barry McGuire's "Cosmic Cowboy," Janny Grein's "Janny," and The Imperials, "No Shortage" I completely forgot I have these artists!!! So glad I found you guys, and so glad I bought my hubby a turntable for Christmas! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!"

"One of my favorite performers, for shear voice quality and ease of listening, was Dallas Holm, but the performer who I loved to listen to, and to watch live, was Larry Norman. I still listen to his classic music - it touched me (during the 'Jesus Revolution') more than anyone else's."

"Darrell (Mansfield) has been a good friend for along time and i always love hearing him play"

"She rocks! I've known her for 17 years, and she lives the life that she sings about! Her music will change the lives of all those who open their hearts to receive!"

"Andrae is the most gifted Christain songwriter of this century, no doubt about it. God has blessed him like no other. His songs will reach many people long after his time, and then some."

"It's been many years since I first heard Dallas Holm and I listened again today.... A rush of old memories came back and I realized that I am so happy that I still am so very in love with Jesus after all these years... and that I can purchase this music again! I tried to a while ago and was told at a record store that it (His Last Days) was "out of print".... I HIGHLY recommend it for GREAT peace and inspiration... Love to all, Patricia"

"Keith Green's music and ministry influenced me more than anyone or anything else to follow God with my whole heart. The Holy Spirit moved me through conviction leading me to repentance and a loving relationship with Jesus like I've never known since. The past 27 years has been quite a journey! God's peace to you all! ~Linda"

"The most important artist thru 3 century has for me been Ulf Christiansson, Jerusalem! 30 years, and still going strong in His service!"

"I used to help out at a Christian Coffee house in Chicago called the Joyful Noise. Many of the artists stayed at my house. It was nice to meet so many great people. I remember Selah, Ransom, Petra, Tom Howard, Don francisco, Fireworks, Rez Band, and many more all coming to the Noise. It was a great time in my life and the only place where you could hear good Christian Rock. I wish we could have a place like the Noise today. I still miss those days."

"I became a Christian when I was 15 years old; I'm now 40. While Larry Norman gave me a lot to think about in his music and words, Stonehill wrote and sang pages from my spiritual diary. He became to me an "older brother" in the Lord who always understood the struggle of faith. I will always be grateful for his musical presence in my spiritual life and growth. Thanks, Randy! God bless you!"

"i'M A born-again from England, i'm 48, my name's Tony! Great to check out WHO my brethren - in -Christ listento/admire!! To me, Richie Furay, John Talbot (and Terry), Mylon Lefevre, Randy Stonehill, Bruce Cockburn (his 70's stuff), Twila Paris, AND, check her out you fellow christians-Joanna Hogg(of IONA fame!)... these are some of the greatest Christian worshippers-globally!..O.K.?..Cheers! May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you""" Yours, TONY, ENGLAND"

"I chose 2nd Chapter of Acts because I got saved when I was 16 in 1976. My older brother lived in a coffee house not too log after he got saved. He supplied me with the Jesus Music of that era. My other favorites are Barry McGuire, Larry Norman, Chuck Girard, Paul Clark, Phil Keaggy, Keith Green, Daniel Amos, Randy Stonehill, Resurrection Band, Glad, Isaac Air Frieght, Honeytree,DeGarmo and Key,Petra, etc,etc. Through the years I became familiar with a lot of christian music. I almost constantly have music playing when I am home or in my vehicle. Thank God that he provides us Christians with blessed music."

"I came in at the tail end of the "Jesus Movement", only coming to know Jesus in 1978. But Christian music today is nothing that it was back in those days. B.J. Thomas's "Home Where I Belong" was the very first "contemporary Christian" album I ever heard after coming to the Lord. It will always hold a very special place in my heart."

"A song (Light Up The Fire - Parchment)ruined for generations who have made it one of the most popular school hymns (in the UK) without appreciating the raw power and astonishing vibrancy of the original. The album of the same name is a folk classic."

"It's such a shame that those old early Graham Kendrick albums aren't available on CD."

"I grew up next door to Mickey & Becki and they just about became my adopted older brother and sister as they were the same ages as my older siblings. While Mickey worked nights, my sister and I went over and hung out with Becki and did crafts, sewed and cooked and Becki would practice their music. Becki even started a bible study for some of the kids in the neighborhood. They took my sister and I to church with them and to some of the Christian Rallys that they sang at. They made a very positive impact on my life and I'll always appreciate them for that. We've lost touch over the years, but I would love to get in touch with them again. If anyone knows where they are, tell them Terri D from Downers Grove say "hi". Thanks!"

"There was an excellent progressive rock band called "Glad" back in the late 70's that had such great harmonies, they ended up going into a capella releases. As a teenager in the 70's, it was the ministry of bands like Glad & the CCM scene, in general, that kept me on the right track."

"In 1978, a friend lent me two 8-tracks: Love Song's first album, and Can It Be? by The Way, and my life was changed; here was music with meaning, and almost 30 years later, it still stands with the best of all time! God bless you and thanks for this website. More people need to hear the music of God from that time."

"Christian music has lost a lot of the message in the years since the early 80's. The music from the early 70's to about 1982, to me captured the awesomeness of God and His love. And, unfortunately, most of the singers from then have been pretty much "discarded" by today's "Christian music business."

"I think that Larry Norman and Mark Heard were the best song writers."

"It's impossible to narrow every category down to just one favorite. I've been trying to pare down a list of artists to include here in the comments, but the list is just too long! It did surprise me, though, to find references to Harvest Flight on this site. I thought they were pretty obscure, but I loved the One Way album. I think overall, Larry Norman has to be considered THE lead scout in JM. There were a lot of pioneers, but it just seemed that he had the attitude to be out front and take the arrows. Love Song is my favorite artist not only because theirs was the first Christian album I'd ever heard - and it left that indelible first impression - but it was a work that could stand on it's own, no matter what genre it was. Rock, yes, but some mellow stuff too. The harmonies on that album were unlike anything I'd ever heard. But on top of it all, they were ministers of the gospel. Randy Matthews' "Now Do You Understand" showed me that a Christian artist could mix rock, humor and drama and the conviction of the Holy Spirit could still hit you at the end like a ton of velvet bricks. And it was a live album that worked. JM was a huge influence on my baby Christian days, and I'm so glad I was around for it then. I wonder sometimes what it was and why it was that the Movement happened then the way it did, and why God chose this type of music to be the catalyst. And it makes me wonder what the next tool for revival will be on that scale."

"Records I hope make it to CD: Larry Norman: Street Level and Bootleg; Randy matthews: Son of Dust; T Bone Burnett: Proof Through the Night; Malcom Wild: Red Alert; Barry McGuire: Lighten Up; Marantha: Back to the Rock; Mighty Clouds of Joy: Request Line; Phil Keaggy: What a Day; John Fischer: The Cold Cathedral and Still Life; Randy Stonehill:Between the Glory and the Flame and Born Twice; Andy Pratt: Motives; Darrell Mansfield: Higher Power. Note to Larry Norman fans: The interview with Larry from HM Magazine is now online at"

"I have spent some time with Tim Sheppard - He is what he sings. His songs were based in the Word."

"Christian music today is much too commercialized and more concerned with selling albums than ministering to needs. The purity and simplicity of the Christian music of the 70's to this day still plays a big part of my "listening pleasure."

"OK. I went ahead and picked some favorites. But the truth is, I love so many Christian artists from the 70's I couldn't really pick any one as my favorite. The best part was seeing them in person. They were always so genuine. I just don't see that anymore with today's Christian "stars."

"Many other groups were wonderful... but the 2nd Chapter of Acts brought the presence of God to a concert like NO other group."

My heart soars just remembering listening to this album (Inside My Room-Tim Sheppard). Beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics, humble "artist."

"I was in a Christian drug and alcohol regab program based on the Teen Challenge program the first time I heard this song and it had such a impact on my life because I had backslidden big time. The first Keith Green album I ever heard was No Compromise and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread until I heard For He Who Has Ears to Hear. It is to hard to choose just one artist or one album because there were so many I enjoyed and I miss those days and those songs. I am very disillusioned with what so called "Contemporary Christian music" has become. Those who had never been there will never no what they missed or are missing. Amy Grant pre-rock pop charts (world) and pre-Vince Gill and so on and so forth."

"I remember the first time I got this classic CD (Bob Bennett's "Lord of the Past"). The year was 1992 and I had just gotten my first CD player. I was visting my local Christian Book Store and was looking for White Heart on CD. The store didn't have it, so I picked up this gem. Glad I did it, because this one has many songs that have ministered to me over the years. I would highly recommend this one, for those that are looking for a great classic Christian CD. This recording is awesome and has many wonderful songs that will minister to you, as well."

"I have been blessed by many Christian artists and bands since the '70's, but I have enjoyed Petra the most. They have been around for so many years and yet their last CD,"Jekyl and Hyde" still rocks the message. Also Chuck Girard and Love Song, as well as Larry Norman are among my many favorites."

"This song (I Choose to Follow You - J.C. Power Outlet) was my anthem during my senior year in high school and helped me to take a stand for Christ."

"It is so very hard to pick just one! Lamb, Keith Green, JM & Terry Talbot, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, Kol Simcha, Tom & Candy Green all made a tremendous difference to my life then & later walk as a believer. They are all awesome artists too. Wow! The memories this site brings back!"

"It's hard to choose, I have so many favorites. Groups like, The Way, Mustard Seed Faith, Parable. Artists like Paul Clark, Barry McGuire, John Micheal Talbot, and Keith Green I love also. Not to forget Karen Lafferty, Love Song, there all great in my book."

"Actually, anything by Larry is OK by me."

"I have always loved this album (Tradewind-"Until the Storm is Past") ... Unfortunately, my favorite song is not on it!! I would love to find an EP or demo recording of "Don't Be Afraid". The mission of Tradewind attracted me to them as much as their music. They did alot of free inner city shows...that's where I first met them."

"It's hard to pick a favorite album or song. That's especially true of any of Keith Green's music. He preached to me and really ministered to me in it and he still does it today! I even have my kids of 8 and 11 hooked on it."

"Its very hard to pick a favorite, I grew up on Crouch and Holm. Later in life sadly we wondered from the truth, but God used the songs to call us back; After the darkest of nights would come the stillness of dawn and all the 60's - 70's early 80's like someone putting a needle on a record would not fail to start in our hearts in the mornings, until we returned to Christ."

"My wife and I used to have to get up at 5am on Sunday morning to listen to the Scott Ross show on a transitor radio up in Alaska back in 1973. Had a collection of about 75 albums all in excellent condition, ranging from the first few to the late seventies, all gone the way of the earth now. Scientists say sound goes on forever, so somewhere out there, someone may be listening to Larry, Barry, Randy, and the Rez band for the first time... Cool."

"There has never been any music that has inspired me more than the music on this album (Songtailor-Tim Sheppard). So many years later, I am still in awe."

"The music of the era was so good. I really miss the simple faith and sincerity of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, 2nd Chapter of Acts, et al."

"I first heard Marj (Snyder) at a Young Life camp at Mt Hermon while I was still in high school. Her voice was simple and yet lovely beyong belief. Even now I find her albums inspirational and a great blessing."

"I was just reading through these comments and began crying. These days seem so long ago for me. As a student at Waldorf College in Iowa, I went to many of these concerts and had many wonderful times of worship and fellowship. I had grown up being sexually, physically and emotionally abused until I was able to get away from our small town and go to college. Now I am 43, been married for 22 yrs, and have 3 kids. I am a pastor in Iowa and have been through much since those days. Perhaps the Lord used those early Christian music ministries to carry me along until the time I could begin to deal with my childhood. I still have trouble with the past but today as I read these postings I recalled that the Lord has carried me through much and I'm sure he will continue the same in the future. "Lay Your Burden Down" is a wonderful song. Thanks for this website. Keep up the good work."

"i've been a christian since '96, but i was brought up in the church & was aware of JESUS. i remember back in '79 & '80, going to the JESUS festivals in orlando, fla. & the whole events had such an impact on my life. especially walking into the music tent there & seeing all the christian music. i didn't think that their was so much....secular music didn't have an affect on me like christian music. it moved my soul & changed my life. i've got all of keith green's albums (cd's) which bring me so much joy when i hear them especially when i need to be close to JESUS. the other 2 albums (cd's) i really enjoy are... brother to brother "gino vannelli" & nightwalker "gino vannelli". those 2 albums may be on a secular label/release , but they've got some powerful christian messages!!!!!! my favorite artist now is, hillsongs. what a powerful message they have especially with shout to the lord. "

"My teenage years were right in the middle of the Jesus Music revolution. Brought up as a Baptist Preachers Kid, in a legalistic home, I thought God wasn't for me until I heard the song, "We are one" by Ron Salsbury & JC Power Outlet. WOW!!! You mean there is more to having a relationship with the Lord than going to Church a thousand times a week and making sure you don't dance, play cards, smoke, drink, or curse???? The Lord works in mysterious ways, and it was through the vehicle of The Jesus People and Christian Rock n Roll, That the Lord rescued me from ruining my life! Praise God that people Like Larry Norman, and Randy Mathews, and many more had the Guts to stand up and sing about what was really important with no masks over their music and lyrics. Well, my hair is alot shorter now, but the music of the 70's still hold a place in my heart and wish all that music was available on CD!!!I remember every year in the early 70's I would spend a week in Estes Park, Colorado watching just about everyone who was involved in the Jesus music & JPUSA movement. Of course, my most fond memories are of Larry (whom I pray the Lord will heal every day), Truth, Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Randy Mathews (I was at the concert where the power went out), JC Power Outlet(wish their music was on CD), Love Song(What a great live performance, well wait, it wasn't a live performance, it was a worship service!), Raw Petra in the early years, Refined Petra in the later years, Rez Band (must of seen them a dozen times live), 2nd Chapter of Acts (How the west was won, AWESOME), Barry ("Love is" I haven't played in 15 years but still know all the lyrics),Barry, Phil, 2nd Chapter of Acts (What an awesome trio of talent together!!!) Andrea Crouch (Can't nobody do me like Jesus!!!!), Kerry Livgren (Kansas too), Archers, John Fischer (what a way he revolutionized the christian musician), Michael Omartian, Hope of Glory, Even Evie (Bless her heart!)and there are many more I have missed. Feel free to e-mail me (, and share your past or present strugles, victories, or stories of your walk with the Lord! Praise God I'm Goin to heaven, I'm ready now and at peace if He leaves me here another 50 years!!!! "

The songs of Seventies Worship still carry me today. There was somthing special about those times and artists that will last forever.

"I grew up with Keith Green & the Imperials, but when my sister returned home from IYC 81 with DA's Horrendous Disc, I was hooked on Christian music and DA for life."

"John Michael Talbot did worship music way before it became fashonable. His music immediately puts you in an attitude of worship & prayer. After him, anything that rocks."

"Too hard to name just one. Pat Terry Group played at FBC-Daytona Beach & at Stetson U. Loved them. Also really drawn to Reba Rambo, BJ Thomas, Free Spirit, Regeneration, Truth, Don Francisco, Andre Crouch, Imperials...shall I go on? Was introduced to many of this era's artists through a cable show called "The Ross Bagley Show". Did anyone else ever see that? The showed videos of many different performers doing their songs. Some other seen on there: Kathy Lee Johnson (Gifford)& her sister, Mischy, Barry McGuire, Farrell & Farrell, Kelly Willard, Dotty Rambo, etc. Would love to see those old clips again. Andrew Culverwell was a frequent appearance...Would love to find recording of some of his old ones (I had the 8 tracks & we know what happened to them!) Anyway, thanks for keeping this music "alive"."

"I think all this reminiscing takes us back to a simpler time in our Christian walk. For Those Tears I Died was the first song I remember hearing in Pat Robertson's son's coffee house he had set up in their garage back in 1971. Did several Ralph Calmichael songs in our UMYF youth group. After joining the Navy, became the on air personality for a 3-hour Jesus Music program called "Sunday Sonshine" that aired on Sunday mornings for nearly three years on the American Forces Radio Station in Rota, Spain. As a result, I was exposed to all of the greats and received many promotional albums. Hey Whacha Say from 2nd Chapter's second album was a local crossover hit in Rota. Of all of the oldies, I think my personal favorite acoustic album is Malcom & Alwyn's Fool's Wisdom, for the message; Michael Omartian's White Horse, for the musicianship for the year it was originally released and Love Song as best overall pioneering group. Having been a CCM DJ, I have far too many favorites to list. Now at 49 years old, it's great reading all the entries on this site and seeing all the great work that is being done to preserve our musical heritage. Most of my albums were ruined by water damage so I'm glad to see that some of the classics are being released on CD. Now, I'm introducing these early artists to our youth group at church. What a blast to see our teens use Keith Green's Asleep In The Light for dramatic dance! This site is excellent and will (joyfully) take me days to explore! Blessings, Retired Jesus Music DJ - Rich Abrams a/k/a Capt. Zap"

"Was at Explo 72 in Dallas. Led my church's traveling high school/college choir from 1972 until 1978 (Good News Singers from St. Mark's Lutheran in Davenport, Iowa)"

"Great Site, I refer to it in preparing my oldies show that airs for 2 hours every Saturday night 7 to 9PM EST online at It's called CLASSIC CHRISTIAN GOLD and I play nothing but the best from the 70's and 80's. I usually highlight an artist as well like Randy Matthews, Pat Terry Group, Larry Norman, etc. Check it out. My all-time fave is Randy Stonehill. Every album has something for me. The highlight of my career was sitting at a Steak N Shake in Quincy, IL with Sir Stonehill and just shooting the breeze after a concert."

"More of God's grace to his ministry!!!" (Matthew Ward)

"ATF were the first really serious Christian British band. Playing live they were untouchable (regardless of the dribble printed by BUZZ). Signs Of Change was released by the band on there own label in spite of the Christian record companies of the time. The writing partnership of Andy Piercy & Pete Banks has rarely been matched - they were all outstanding musicians."

"Larry Norman: What can I say Iv'e seen him in concert many times. Spoke with him personally - he the real deal. A voice of rebellious righteousness."

"Petra rocks my world!"

"i dont know many of the other artist .. but i guess this page will showthem to me .. thanks .. i voted for keith green .. he is my favorite! and has been a superinspiration and influence for me .. thanks keith, thanks god ..."

"the beatles of jesus music! (Love Song)"

"I think it is a close call on the first Christian Rock album - but I'm sticking with Mylon (We Believe). He might have been a little messed up at the time, but his heart was in the right place! And it still is."

"Harvest has got to be one of the best Christian groups ever! I have all of their albums and to pick just one favorite song from their awesome collection is almost impossible. From Because I Am and The Blood of the Lamb to Holy Fire and I Won't Be Denied their music ministers to the spirit like no other can. Jerry Williams' new music is just as awesome and powerful as the older music is and I hope he'll continue making music for a very long time!"

"Sometimes, just sometimes, a song or songs just lift you to a higher plane - Hear The Angels Sing & Peace In The Valley on Written On The Wind just seem to do that. The highly challenging combination of Plain Old Joe & Harvest Time is unforgettable. My 2nd favourite album would be Seeds by Barry McGuire. I also enjoy the Praise albums, perhaps Praise 5 the best."

"A very under-rated album (The Sky Is Falling) from Randy Stonehill. Randy's music is about the 'real' world. He wasn't afraid to step out of the Christian bubble and write a masterpiece."

"Just bought The Way cd off of their website, and I have to tell you, no one touches their guitar playing then or now! One of the best Christian bands of all time."

"this is a killer site--keep up the good work and keep the faith. This is not a job--it's a calling"

"I love your site! Keep spreadin' the light!"

"My Favorite Artist is Larry Normanpatterryrandystonehillrandymatthewshoneytreephilkeaggybarrymcguirekeithgreenpaulclarkmarkheardterrytaylorodenfongchuckgirardronsalsburytomhoward. I hope I spelled his last name right."

"I still love to listen to the simple sweet messages of the early Jesus People music! Daniel Amos, all the Maranatha albums, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Andre Crouch all were favorites of mine. It's nice to know there are others out there who like to listen too. Not that what's on now is bad but it somehow doesn't quite portray the innocence of that age, the excitement of a generation of kids just discovering Jesus and their willingness to share Him with anybody who would listen. It was an awesome time, one I haven't seen since. In reading these memories I was astounded to hear of the guy who picked his own album "City On A Hill Cannot Be Hid" for a favorite, because that is an album I have been looking for a long time for. If that guy reads this I hope he will write me at my e-mail address and tell me if there is any chance of getting a copy of this album. A couple of old gals will be very grateful!"

"This album ("Straight On" DeGarmo & Key) convinced me that there were legitimate Rock n' Roll artists. Every cut is a miracle and a blessing!"

"So many great artists that God has used to share his love but Bryan's (Duncan) the man. Having been blessed to talk with him a few times, he is just so down to earth & easy to share with. A Child's Love is such an awesome tune. It reminds me of how important it is love God the same way our children love us, with innocence & trust. Song brings tears to my eyes."

"I came to know to Jesus as a High School Senior in 1980. I didn't know Christian music existed until I heard a song on Christian Radio called, "Why Should The Father Bother." I loved the song and was blown away by the group, Petra. That was my introduction into Christian Music. From there I bought Sweet Comfort, Glad, Keith Green, Matthew Ward and Second Chapter of Acts. It was actually a friend who introduced me to Phil Keaggy. He didn't like the How The West Was Won album (too much rock n roll!) so He gave it to me! His loss was my gain! I was just learning to play guitar...what an introduction to the power of music touched by the Spirit God!"

"I found your website and ironically was listening to a copy of Maranatha 3 and 4 that I had recorded long ago and found again. I was overwhelmed just reading of others memories that very well could have been mine. I got saved first in 1970 at Costa Mesa Calvery Chapel but backslid til 1976. My first two albums that I bought after selling my old worldly albums were Jamie-Owens: Laughter in my soul and Barry Maguires: To the Bride. To this day when I put those two on the turntable it instantly brings me back to when I first found the Lord! Isn't it amazing how much God uses music to transport us to a magical time? I think that is why all these wonderful artists still remain in our hearts- they bring back good memories of when we first met the Lord. Their music was simple in that they sang a great deal about the salvation experience and the feelings of pure adoration and joy of feeling the Lords presence. The music of today is great and well made but I wonder if so many of them will remain in the hearts of the newer believers like the Jesus People have in ours."

"I was born in 1971 and gave my life to Christ when I was 17 (1988). I love music and resolved to play only the kind that lifted up Christ. I must say that the music from the Jesus Movement is Classic stuff - probably never to be equaled in quality. My other favourite is Keith Green."

"Norman is tops on the list, but all the artists on Maranatha 4 & 5, Pat Terry Group, Keaggy, Stonehill, Chuck Girard, even the obscure stuff like All Saved Freak Band, Parchment, Liberation Suite. The old song goes "I was country before country was cool". Well this stuff was Christian Rock before Christian Rock was cool, and, I think, sometimes more REAL than it is today."

"I love this song! (Home Where I Belong) I used to play it over and over again. Very few songs touched me like this one did. I have the vinyl album of PTG with it, but no record player anymore. I wish it was available on CD."

"I first heard of Randy Stonehill in 1982. I had been a Christian for only a year. Equator was the first tape I heard. "American Fastfood" almost turned me off. The song "Light of the World", won my heart. I have almost every Stonehill tape (except the first two, from "Welcome to Paradise" to "Edge of the World". Through Sir Stonehill, I came to know and enjoy Larry Norman, Daniel Amos (T.S. Taylor) and Mark Heard. I love Jesus Christ more than anyone else I love. My wife and kids come next, but the men just mentioned I love also. I have the Bible to give me spiritual guidance, but these men really get me in a mood to worship the Creator Himself. If you have a chance to hear these men, I say do it."

(The Archers) 'You humbled yourself, and came to die for me... before i knew I would need you... I humble myself before you now... casting all my care upon you, yes I do' Great lyrics."

"Actually, it's too hard to pick a favorite because the Pat Terry Group had a great deal of variety to their music. PTG was unique at a time when Contemporary Christian Music was still feeling for a clear identity, and most of it was persona non grata in the traditional worship service. At a time when Keith Green or Larry Norman would not be permitted into the First Baptists of the deep south (yeah, even Dallas Holm and Praise played at FBC/O only once, and were never invited back. They were too loud! Boy, times have changed.) the PTG found a unique commonality with both the up-and-coming contemporary sound and the traditional southern feel, which enabled them to be received in venues which barred many other "CCM" performers.

Pat and the guys toured the Youth for Christ venues in the '70s, and had a couple recording sessions at BJ studios in Orlando which the public were invited to watch. Very approachable, some of us local players were able to help them break down their sets with them, which enabled us to have a great time getting to know them and their wives, who accompanied them on their tours. Of course, this was the mid-1970's, and these bands were not the "un-touchable" bands of today's super-star era.

I am writing and performing today, 30 years later largely due to Pat, Randy and Sonny's encouragement and musical example. Some of Pat's music have become classics, yes, i would even say ground breaking, being picked up by BJ Thomas and the Gaithers in subsequent releases. "Randy's Song", better known as "That's the Way" was sung at more marriage ceremonies in the South than any other ballad i know. It is my hope that other artists re-discover the music of the PTG, and breath new life into them on stage and on digital.

Pat, Sonny, and Randy, thank you for allowing yourselves to be used of the Father not only to glorify Him thru your music, but also for the fine musicianship and encouragement still remembered and enjoyed after all these years."

"By far the sweetest male voice in Christian music history (Matthew Ward)."

"Dallas Holm has had staying power as a Christian artist, from the late 60's through today. And his integrity has been unquestioned (as that of his former employer, Billy Graham - mid 60's)."

"Great site! Some great memories for me - this is the music I grew up with!"

"I used to fall asleep to this borrowed album (I've Got A Reason) everynight as the arm of the phonograph would keep repeating."

"Saw Darrell Mansfield and band at a Jesus Festival in the Arkansas Ozarks in the late seventies. What a time! Heaven came down!! I remember that we had one watermelon and it seems like it fed the multitudes!"

"Although the Choir remain my favourite ever, I cherish the old stuff that Servant put out (I was saved at one of their shows) and still like to listen to them. Also Prodigal was an exceptional band. And I'll second the comments of the gentlemen about the influence of Larry Norman and the Imperials on CCM."

"Many Christian artists have aided me in my growth in the Christian life. Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard, Annie Herring, Evie Tornquist, and others. Yet, it was Keith Green that, I feel, became the standard for other artists to aspire to when it came to teaching others about evangelism and discipleship. Thanks, Keith. I'll see you there!"

"Andrae Crouch had the most impact on my life as far as music goes. He along with the Teen Challenge Choir of Southern California travelled and blessed many, many people and for that I am so grateful. Andrae's music and venture into international contemporary Christian music was and is considered historical, just to say it mildly. Sign me as a lifetime fan now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

"I love all of the music by Kelly Willard. It seems that she has a diary going with God . . . and then she takes those incredibly personal entries and puts them to music. She leads you straight to the throne room of God. In the Worship Music she has done since this first album, she continues to do that. I know her voice - even when she isn't credited on an album. It's like a voice from home - drawing you back right to the throne room of God."

"This album changed my life (Archers-Things We Deeply Feel). I wish I could find a copy of it somewhere. I would make it worthwhile for someone. This album is a classic to me."

"It's the best that i heard. i love this album (Maranatha 1). my name is Juliano, i'm from brazil, i'm 24, when i knew this album, woowww, i haven't word's to tell.....fantastic."

"It's almost impossible to list a favorite Christian artist. I'm only saddened that none has taken the time to release most wonderful Christian albums on CD. Classic artists like Reba, Tim Sheppard and The Cruse Family should be on CD. In case I've just missed the boat please get me up to date. I'd love to find these artists on CD. I copied them from album to CD but the quality isn't the best; of course."

"So many good artists and outstanding albums, it's tough to pick just one (especially at my age, when you've been around to hear so many of them). One band I believe deserves some sort of mention, because you almost never hear about them anymore is Servant. They were coming on strong in the early '80's, then faded from view. Their "World of Sand" album is particularly outstanding, musically and lyrically, and, in my opinion, can stand up to anything currently on the market. I would love to see it, and the rest of Servant's releases, re-released on CD."

"The songs on Seeds (Barry McGuire) make you cry... and make you laugh (often times at the same time!). There was such an infectious joy on the album and Barry's gruff voice backed by the angelic voices of the 2nd Chapter of Acts can't be beat. Of all the albums I own this is the one that I wish most I'd had been a mouse in the studio when recorded."

"it was in 1975, I read in New Wine magazine about those 2 alboms. I ordered those and when I played it, it almost blew my mind. I`ve been told that rock and roll was the devil's music, but when i heard the number Time by Phil Keaggy i was crying, because the music just expressed the feeling that was exploding inside of me. So thank you Phil for your honesty"

"so many good artists albums and songs its hard to decide. when i was 14 i bought my first christian album (bootleg-larry norman)after that it was open season at howards bible and book store.would special order albums i read about in cornerstone magazine or heard about at prayer meetings. must have drove the counter lady crazy."

"I visited your site for the first time tonight. As I've sat here and read most all of the comments that have been posted through the years, I consistently see the driving force behind the genre of Contemporary Christian music omitted, except for a reference here and there of one of their most popular songs, "Water Grave". If you know anything, you know I'm refering to The Imperials. How many of the Randy Stonehills, Love Songs, Petras, Keith Greens, etc, etc, etc........would have ever gained an ounce of popularity, had it not been for this innovative, influential supergroup. Beginning with their album NEW DIMENSIONS in 1967, THE IMPERIALS in 1968, and especially LOVE IS THE THING in 1969, they paved the way for these otherwise "nobody's" to gain an audience. They endured hundreds of concerts being cancelled when they left the field of Southern Gospel, as well as with the retirement of their creator, Mr. Gospel Music himself, Jake Hess. Come on now.....let's give some much needed credit, where it is certainly due!!!!"

"With the exception of the guest vocal by Popeye on "Meal", Shotgun Angel has to be my favorite Christian album of all time. Side two is nothing short of brilliant... especially Posse in the Sky. I still get goosebumps on my goosebumps listening to the advancing hoofbeats of The Rider at the end. And I do believe He is coming soon. Maranatha!"

"This band (Petra) has managed to influence so many individual artists and bands on the secualr and religious levels that it would be hard not to mention them."

"I love Larry Norman best because he helped start it all and make Christian Jesus Rock music happen for all those wonderful artists of the 1970s and beyond. If it hadn't been Larry, it might have been Randy Stonehill, but God would have chosen someone to stand on the Solid Rock of Jesus in Rock music, the Holy Spirit was movin' like a prairie fire in 1970 with the Jesus Movement. I love all the Maranatha musicians, went to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and was saved listening to Chuck Smith preach and Chuck Girard & LOVE SONG singin' "Welcome Back." Wow! Love Randy Stonehill, Marj Snyder, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Jamie Owens, Randy Matthews, Mustard Seed Faith, my dear friend Keith Green, his wife Melody and all the wonderful Maranatha Country Rock musicians of the 1970s. It's a cryin' shame all those wonderful albums are out of print and not available on CD! It's time for another Jesus Revolution! Yeah!!! Cheers, DeeJay"

"What a great site to bring back a lot of memories of some Great music over the years. Whatever happened to the artists on the Morada label during the early 80's? Rob Cassell, Exodus, etc? These guys were after God's own heart and had a story to share that changed alot of lives! Wish you could feature them and see where they are today. Thanks for a wonderful site!"

"Larry, Randy, Phil, Daniel Amos, Kerry Livgren, Bob Dylan, Michael Omartian, 2nd Chapter and Matthew, The Way, Love Song, Paul Clark... these are the ones for me. Jesus Rock Rules Forever!!!"

"I was born in 1975. When I was younger I had Keith Green's album and had a compilation LP. Now I'm 28 and just starting to find out about the Jesus movement - Kansas Girl "

"In the early 70's, we would drive to Love Inn, in Ithaca, NY to worship in a barn with Scott Ross and his wife, Phil Keaggy, Danny Taylor, Lynn and Kathy Nichols. What a blessing it was then, like a drink of cold, fresh water. Does anyone know where the Nichols are now? And is Steve Taylor related to Danny? (Nope)"

"The first contemporary Christian song I heard was a Larry Norman song a friend sang for me on a bus to church camp. That was in 1980, and I've been hooked ever since."

"This was tough. Their are so many great artists. Larry Norman started it all. Without him we may never have had all this music. As music changed, however thank God for artists like Agape, Resurrection Band, Steve Taylor, Undercover, 77's and Stryper. My list of favorites could go on for along time. I think the other voter's expressed my other favorites well enough."

"Servant was truly righteous Rock n'Roll - calling the church back to it's roots of the first century, in Holy Sister Poverty, caring for the poor and downtrodden, and putting God and others first."

"at the age of forty i have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and when i'm down i can put on almost any petra album and find serenity in a song... Jesus was my first love and i still have a thankful (all though weak and enlarged) heart"

"Even though I was just born while the Jesus movement was going on,the music of that time really is having a lasting impact on me now as I walk down all the roads of my Christian life. And to me, no one does it better than Larry Norman. God gave me a great gift when he brought his music into my life."

"Phil Keaggy's work stands out as a shining testament to his faith and the blessings God has given him. His virtuosity on the guitar and lyrical expertise is unmatched. He alone of all other contemporary Christian pioneers is worthy of his name in the Rock and Roll hall of fame."

"Randy Matthews is one of the most overlooked founding artists of Christian rock. The guy wrote the classic "Didn't He." He brought the mainstream labels, albeit kicking and screaming, to this new Gospel/Rock genre. He's why Word created Myrrh Records. He wasn't the one to kick it off. That was Phil Keaggy, who self produced his album in '69. While Norman, Stonehill, and Keaggy were in the studio, he was on the streets pulling his own teeth! An excellent musician, a wonderful showman, a sincere man of God. Randy Matthews, you, sir, are amazing."

"BJ Thomas. Took Christian music to another level, an amazing talent who is still recording today and touring, turned 60 years old today. He still has "it"."


"Pam Mark Hall came to our church in Kansas City in 1978 and performed one of the most anointed concerts I've ever experienced. At one point i felt I was going to be raptured straight up into heaven. My cassettes are over 20 years old and wearing out. What a sad thought at losing this priceless music. Does anyone know whatever happened to her? I haven't heard anything from her in years."

"Janny Grein blazed a trail in contemporary Christian Music."

"She's (Reba Rambo) my all time favorite worshipper!!!"

"ALL of Reba Rambo's Solo LPs and Her LPs with Dony McGuire as well as Dony McGuire's solo LPs should be put on CD... even a box set!!! Is anyone working on this yet??? I thought the Noteworthy Collections were poorly mixed and sounded awful on my stereo!!!"

"What a fun website! I agree with everyone that there's just so much good music it's hard to choose! BUT I really would love to have both of the Parable albums on CD - I don't have a record player anymore!!!"

"Please Please Please... we need this landmark album (Sail On - Imperials) on CD. Water Grave, theee best song EVER! Period."

"I lead the praise time at our church and I often close with Larry Norman's, "Put Your Life In His Hands". Larry only uses one verse and the refrain, then has a guitar solo. I think there are other verses, but I can't find them. "Something New Under The Son was a classic christian blues album, probably the best."

"I became a Christian at the end of the 70's as a young teenager, and Larry Norman, Stonehill, Keith Green, Church Girard, and of course Rez and Servant were foundational to my walk as a new Christian. A lot of my current ministry philosophy was shaped in particular by Larry and Keith's many articles that came with their albums. I agree with many others who have written: there is a lot of talent in Christian music today as well, but the "fire" seems to be lacking in all but a few."

"I've had the pleasure off meeting Janny (Grein) & Bill in New Milford,Connecticut. They are a blessing to all that they come in contact with. Janny's songs are in my heart. Thank you Janny & Bill. Frank D."

"Hard to choose only one artist or album or song. There are plenty, I love Evie, David Meece, Leon Patillo, Larry Norman, Keith Green, Randy Stonehill, Imperials, and a long etc. The same goes with albums like "Live in London", "Never the Same", "Only Visiting This Planet", "One More Song for You". The 70's and early 80's were the best for Christian music. Wish we could bring them back."

"I was just a child during the Jesus Movement but I remember seeing Mickey & Becki Moore at a concert at my church and I loved all their music."

"The old music still makes my heart soar in praise to our Savior. Thanks to ALL of the artists that have used their God given talents to lift the mighty name of Jesus high!!"

"Not fair to just pick one! There are many number ones of that time, like Brother Keith, Randy Stonehill, Jaimie-Owens Collins, Annie Herring on her own("Through A Child's Eyes"), Honeytree ("Clean Before my Lord", "Lovely Jesus"). The main man - Larry Norman, Barry Mcguire, Andrae, Randy Matthews, John Fischer, Paul Clark, Love Song - on and on!!! If anyone wants to check out:, do so, because there is a two-part video set called: "First Love", filmed in 1997. All of our favorite minstrels of Jesus Music gathered together to perform their favorites, and they give their testimonies. There is the background telling of the origins of the Jesus Movement, and a special tribute to Keith Green(with his song, "Born Again") It is AWESOME!!!!! Get it!!!!! Agape to all."

"Anthem ~ They are from Canada, I think. I would scan the alblum for you if I could! Radical hard rock with a female singer a bit before Resurrection Band and Servant or about the same time. Great hard hitting godly lyrics!"

"John Michael Talbot's 'Come to the Quiet' will always be one of my favs. His quiet, subdued contemplation of the Holiness of Jesus is such a contrast from my fav Metal Band, Black Sabbath. This might seem radical but I do observe significant questions of the soul in just about any music medium. It's just that JM (ccm?) provides an answer to those questions."

"For a new Christian in 1968 who loved rock and roll, Jesus music was truly a blessing and a Godsend."

"As a little girl I would listen to Jesus Music with my Mom. We'd sing - me with my hairbrush for microphone - she doing the dishes, or whatever - loudly, and joyfully. I think the Love Song album was the first that I ever had memorized - it made a huge impact on me!"

""The Painter" by John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot was unmatched in musicianship and production quality throughout the whole JM period. There was so much over-production, especially in the later JM period and through the 80s, that nothing ever quite reached its level of musical integrity or spiritual impact. A "companion" album by the Talbot Brothers, "No Longer Strangers" came close, but I doubt if there will ever be another experience quite like it. The closest match to-date for musicianship and production quality is "Brother to Brother" by John Michael Talbot and Michael Card (et al)."

"I had a hard time choosing favorite artist. How do you pick? Phil Keaggy has long been a favorite for so many reasons, as well as Keith Green, Erick Nelson, and Rich Mullins, but I also love Michele Pillar's voice. It is unmatched in Christian music!"

"The Solid Rock guys were the pioneers with the arrows in their backs. Larry's weird, but a genious. Randy's super talented and compares well with any artist today. Jesus music was about Jesus."

"Time to get back to the basics of praise and worship. Simple, but heart warming songs when a time that polished performances were a thing of the future."

"There are just too many great artists and music over years to just pick one!"

"Wow. So many choices... Tom Howard, M&A, Larry Norman, 2nd Chapter, DA, Degarmo & Key... list goes on and on."

"My favorite group of this era is the Pat Terry group. I saw them in concert and they were awesome. I had their albums once, but thru moves lost them. If anyone has their music or knows where I can get it please email be at"

"I cut my teeth on Larry Norman music as a teen Jesus freak back in the 70's. Rediscovered him as a middle aged housewife at the millenium and still find his music fresh and searing as ever. He will always be the benchmark for me lyrically and musically."

"Larry Norman not only sang and played the style of music we wanted to hear, he said things that were revolutionary to our way of thinking. It wasn't just "Jesus Loves You, Yea , Yea, Yea...". Songs like "Why should the devil..", "Six O'clock News", and "Pardon Me", bit hard into the "normal" Christian patter we heard from pulpits and stages and said, "This message is real! It works in the REAL world!"

"Their (Jerusalem) words cut to the heart of the issues confronting Christians today, some 15 years or so after they sang the songs. I saw them in concert back then with Resurrection Band and they were wonderful people."

"I first heard "Why Should the Devil..." on WOW Gold. I am looking forward to listening to more music from this era."


"evie's music in the 74-79 era is unmatched. my 8 tracks are worn out, transfers to cassette are poor. i would give anything to hear those old classics on cd. can anybody help? her songs of that era ministered to me like nothing else. i wish others could receive the same blessing i have."

"as a new believer in 1980 my roomate played me a lousy tape of a "girl" singing "moses in the wilderness" and other songs that sounded like music (the tape was of very poor quality). it turned out to be "upon this rock." i eventually bought "in another land" and "welcome to paradise" and wondering "where has this great music been?" ah, memories of those days while attending the art academy of cincinnati and coming across randy matthews, rez band and keith green courtesy of my "also-new-in-Christ" roomate.(thanks, dan. if you see this forgive me for falling so short in our walk with Jesus. my wife, ann, still fondly remembers your funny antics."

"I suppose identifying with the Jesus Movement when you are way to young and from Australia is difficult. But there are a strong remnant of Christians doing amazing thongs for the Lord Down Under. Larry and Keith have infected us with the reality and truth of Jesus. We are all blessed because of them. Larry see you when we get Home, You Rock!!!!!"

"Fantastic web site...The memories it brings back are incredible. John Fischer will always be the best... I want to find out more about a band called Sonshine (I think) that played at a Campus Crusade for Christ camp at Arrowhead Springs, CA during the summer of 1973. Can anybody help?"

"Visit, they are offering 2 of her classic albums 'Let Me Have a Dream' and 'Live in Sweden' (anybody remember 'Turn it over to Jesus?) in one set for only $10. Plus all proceeds go to the Danniebelle diabetes fund."

"Randy Stonehill is the greatest! I am 28 and I have been listening to and growing from Stonehill's music for 15 years! He only gets better! I would recommend him to anyone of any age and any music sensibilities! If you find a Stonehill album--whichever one it is--buy!"

"What an inspiration his (Don Francisco) love for the Lord and his gift of music have been for the past 23 years."

"Larry Norman was the best during the CCM heyday ('69-82), but Keith Green, Phil Keaggy, and Chuck Girard were also very good. Richie Furay's "I've Got a Reason" album (originally on Asylum) is a classic. I don't have one favorite song off "In Another Land"--the entire album is great. In the long run, my favorite currently-recording artists are Bob Dylan and U2. Dylan and U2 were on the fringes of CCM, but--thankfully--they left those narrow (and corrupt) confines to share their faith and wisdom with the larger world."

"This site is wonderful - I really appreciate it. Jesus is so good and the music here magnifies this fact. I really like Mustard Seed Faith - they minister to me the peace and love of Jesus. Aditionally, Keith Green's music is anointed. It still motivates and encourages, but more importantly it reminds us of how we should be responding to others as Jesus' people. Bob Bennett's music and the early Maranatha albums are great, too! Jesus IS Lord!"

"Saw The Pat Terry Group every chance I got at the Joyful Noise in East Point, Ga. back in the 70's. I still love the songs."

"As an 18 year old, new to the Jesus Movement of the late 70's, this music touched my soul, was refreshing, and led me on my new pilgrimage... it is with great joy that I happened upon your site, in searching for Kelly Willard's "Blame It On The One I Love" released by Maranatha back in 1978. Thanks for keeping the fires stoked. Grace and Peace to you."

"I can't give just one! Honeytree was excellent, but so was Keith Green, Liberated Wailing Wall (Jews for Jesus), 2nd Chapter of Acts, John Fischer, Ken Medema! I loved them all equally! Some are impossible to find now, although a few have their own web pages and sell CDs from there (do a search on their name)! I was in High School in the late 60's and used to fall asleep to their albums playing! My mom would wake me up at 3 a.m. to turn off my stereo! I still prefer their music to anything today (almost). Thanks for the site! God is Good!! Jesus reigns, and He's coming soon!"

"Randy Stonehill and Larry Norman started it all but you can't beat the talent of Phill Keaggy and Petra or the message of Keith Green. There are a lot of talented groups and individuals recording music nowadays but where is the fire of the pioneers of CCM?"

"I grew up playing Andrae's music. My band was going strong during the Jesus movement and we sang many of Andrae's songs along with Larry Norman, Andrus Blackwood and the Imperials."

"I love Janny's music because she focuses on ministry, first to the Lord and then to others. A art that is lost in 'contemporary Christian music'"

"I'm from Memphis, and these guys (DeGarmo & Key) inspired me from a very young age through their music to lead a life that Jesus would be proud of. Their lyrics are more illuminating than the average with a "street appeal" uncommon in CCM."

"Born in 1977, I didn't become a Christian until 1996, when I began reading the Bible & reading Keith Green's book "No Compromise." I immediatly read all his pamphlets and articles and listened to all his bible lessons, sermons, & songs. I can't wait to meet him in heaven and thank him for how God used him to change me."

"Phil Keaggy started playing for the Lord in 1971, and hasn't looked back. The challenges and trials that he has endured says it all. God Bless you, Phil."

"I LOVE this song (Pickin' Up The Pieces). I love all the songs so it's hard to pick."

"Larry Norman still rocks and always will. Many great albums and songs that I'll never stop listening to."

"There were so many great CCM artists in the 70's, it's hard to pick, I have seen little in the past two decades to match anything Daniel Amos, Gentle Faith, Love Song, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Keith Green or Phil Keggy have done. Everything played today lacks any creativity in lyrics. Those early groups were artists who chose to praise God with their art. Now it seems like anyone who wants to throw together some words and music and call it CCM can make an album."

"Such great memories, looking and reading these responses from fans of the early "Jesus Music"...I was deeply influenced by music by Reba, The Rambos, The Downings, The Archers, so many great artists who were helping us all find Jesus in a even more real way...Today I am very involved in the music industry and I daily am reminded of why I do what I do by the music of yesterday...Music does touch a part of our hearts that nothing else can..."

"It's very hard to pick just one of anything, particularly in the favorite song category. Nonetheless, Honeytree was the first concert I ever attended at which I didn't get blasted but still had fun, and her music went with me and encouraged me through the years as I travelled and learned to seek the Lord and His glory."

"we should petition the benson company for the re-release of reba rambo's back well as the rambo's.. they have two rambos collections available out of all the music they's a shame that they are with holding music that could impact a whole new generation... write to:"

"I really wish someone would make available TAPES or burned CD's of the old DOGWOOD albums. I realize they are OUT OF PRINT. Which makes it VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to find them. This music is a big part of my childhood and it would mean the world to me to get copies of all four Dogwood LP's in ANY clear listenable form, cassette, CD or LP... Can anyone help??? thanks."

"i was reading through these messages and began to cry. I had not realized how much i have been through in this life. My first wife divorced me after 9 years and 3 kids. The moments and the music just made me realize that Jesus is still there waiting..."


"I saw Keith Green 2 days before he died. He was the first Christain artist I ever saw after I received Jesus as my Lord. Anyway, I was looking for The Imperials song: "Water Grave" MP3. Can you help? My audio tape is stretched and I would like to get it on disc. They just are not availible anymore. (It's with the original group with Russ Taff as lead singer.)"

"Larry Norman set the stage. Love Song and Keith Green reached the heart and did it with classy licks and professional quality. Phil Keaggy & Petra pushed the skill levels."

"I was born in 1974, but grew up on Keith Green, Don Francisco, Honeytree, Chuck Girard, Maranatha, and others. My parents were hippies in the San Francisco Bay Area and got saved during the Jesus Movement. I beleive God is really starting to move in my generation like he did in the 60's. I'm praying for revival for this generation."

"It's impossible to pick just one of course but if you hold a gun to my head I'd have to pick this one (Shotgun Angel).......the whole album expresses the era for me personally.. great memories... wish I still had the album tho.. sold 'em all several years back when my turntable broke! What a huge mistake! Also have a huge fondness for "What A Day" and "Love Broke Thru" by Phil Keaggy"

"I love Oden Fong and all of his music"

"When I first became born again in 1982 and walked into a Christian book store, it was the coolest feeling to find this Christian subculture. Ulf Christianson (Jerusalem) has impacted me spiritually and musically more than any other. I recently had the Jerusalem song "A Flower" as my wedding song at church. Jesus rules!"

"(Kelly Willard) gave me encouragement as a missionary in the Philippine jungles in early 80's"

"Phil (Keaggy) has inspired and impress me & many with his great instrumental & vocal CD's. Crimson & Blue Cd really sticks out with exciting guitar work and heartfelt vocals. I like all of Phil CD's and each of them has their special place: "PHIL KEAGGY","WIND & THE WHEAT", "INSEPARABLE", "PREMIUM JAMS", "FIND ME IN THESE FIELDS", "MUSIC TO PAINT BY", "LIGHTS OF MAGRID" etc. It's a treat to see him in concert. When he talks to his audience he carries a big message with a small gentle voice of encouragement. Hope everyone gets a change to see him and listen to his music. "

"The first Christian rock or Jesus music song I heard was Larry Norman's Why Don't you Look Into Jesus"

"Thanks for this opportunity you give me. I am from El Salvador and I´d like to know more, much more about Petra. God bless you;"

"Mark Heard has got to be the best songwriter of all. It's too bad he isn't still with us."

"Keith Green's music has the fire we all need, he was so in love with Jesus and had an awesome compassion for people. Where are the Keith Greens of today?"

"Beautiful song (Your Love Broke Through - Keith Green) that aways move me inside. And his interpretation is unique. I miss him so much!"

"there were so many songs that gripped my heart! keaggy, the way, mustard seed faith, love song, daniel amos, keith green and so many more artists left a permanent imprint on me."

"I loved everything the Agape Force did. Especially the children's records - Music Machine, Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Sir Oliver's Song, etc."

"Oh for music like the early Jesus days. Not neccesarily production wise, but in a spiritual way. Thank God for certain artists who still seem to play and record in the spirit of the movement: Big Tent Revival/Chris Falson/Seeds/Sonic Flood/Delirious/Third Day...and thank you Steve Camp for continuing to record no matter what anyone else may say or do."

"Noel Paul Stookey is most famous for being part of Peter, Paul and Mary and nextly-famous for writing (and recording) The Wedding Song. He's a wordsmith who brought a level of craft to the CCM genre that had been sorely lacking... which is not to say he didn't bring a heart for God to his music."

"I have to say that Randy Matthews & James Ward, Gene Cotton, and Ron Moore (old friends, all) are tied for a strong second in all '70's categories for me, as is Keith Green, whom I never got to know, but first heard at the first FCCM conference in St. Louis. The Lord has been good to us, in stirring the hearts of so many to produce so much good music filled with God's message. The words of the prophet Joel are as timely today (and in the 1970's) as they were in Peter's time: "In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophecy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams." (Acts 2:17, quoting Joel 2:28)"

"It is so hard to pick one in any of these categories. Upon this Rock by Larry Norman, How the West was One by Second Chapter of Acts, No Compromise by Keith Green. There have been so many good ones."

"I grew up with the Christian rock of the 70's and early 80's -- and find it impossible to choose a favorite. But 'Straight On' from DeGarmo & Key is a musical giant and offers of powerful personal testimony from Dana Key in Livin on the Edge of Dyin'."

"I missed the Jesus Movement of the early seventies but, I became a Christian through some people who did go through it. "Keep Me Running" was one of the first songs I heard at that time that really expressed the way I was feeling. Keith Green was killed a few months after I accepted Christ and I couldn't understand the flurry of emotions from so many "older" Christians as I had never heard any of his music before. The very first CCM song I actually heard was Carman's "God, God, God" on a Phoenix station a week after I had gotten saved. I had never heard of Gospel-Rock, Jesus-Rock or CCM so my pastor started taking us to coffee houses in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa and totally blew our minds. What a wonderful period of growth and fellowship. This is a great site. It is allowing me to see where many of my spiritual roots came from and connects me to my spiritual heritage. Praise God Forever."

"Andrae brought me into the world of annointed music. Keith Green is still prophetic and my heart still grieves at our lose, but heaven's gain!"

"I was saved a week before Keith Green died. But I will never be the same becuase of him. I now pastor a large church and evangelism is #1. All because of a fire that started 19 years ago listening to Keith Green. Can't wait to meet him some day."

"No fair making me pick only one of anything here. I even have two fave labels (Tunesmith & Solid Rock) You need entries on Ishmael United, Undercover, Barnabas, Quickflight, Arkangel, anyway, it's a great site, and with any justice more of this stuff will find its way onto cd and hence back into my collection."

"Choosing only one favorite song of Phil's is hard. Choosing only one favorite "Jesus Music" Album is hard."

"Wow, it's hard to pick a fave, as I am as much a music freak as I am a Jesus freak...Mark Heard, Kerry Livgren, Keith Green, Keaggy, Stonehill, the list goes on and on, but I have to vote for my fave of all time as Fireworks, and the song "Rescued" from the Live Fireworks album, as it was the first "Jesus Rock" song I ever heard, and that band had an influence on my life at that time that was a definite factor in my coming to know Jesus...this is a great site!"

"It was 1976 and I was 16 when I became a Christian. I had run away from home and was found by Real Jesus People who led me to the Lord.I always listened to rock music and was surprised to hear the Jesus Movement style of music. It was and still is AWESOME !I grew closer to Jesus thru this music,I grew as a young Christian. I stayed with the Jesus People for 2 years then married a wonderful man I met there. We have now been married for 22 years and have 7 children. The oldest is 18. They have been blessed by the early Jesus music we all now love!"

"Sharalee was the first one to make a sound that could be held up as a standard for professionalism coupled with the call of God on her music. It always had shades of Streisand, with both range and passion exhuding from every song. Her writing and her voice add to the treasure chest of Christian music I thank God for. Where is she????"

"Someone just burned CD's for me of all of Children of the Day's LP's (they're not in print anywhere) and I was amazed all over again at their honesty. I really could feel the air of the times again."

"Larry Norman recorded "La Garage du Monde" during 1976, same as "Every Question Deserves an Answer" by our band K3N. These were both Christian punk rawk albums 20+ years ahead of their time. At least Larry was smart enough to realize that, and he's still holding off on a "La Garage" release. We sold off our 500 LPs in 1977-8, mainly apart from the Christian music scene... Felt it a good thing to take the gospel to the trenches! Hope for 25th anniversary (re)releases of these, the only punk Jesus Music albums."

"Daniel Amos were SERIOUS PIONEERS in Christian music. Musically and lyrically they were ahead of everyone. They were the first band (Christain or secular) that forced me to think."

"Evie's music has touched and influenced my life in such a powerful way that it's hard for me to imagine how I would have turned out if I'd never heard of her. I'm only 22, but my fondest memories are of laying in bed at night as a kid and listening to the peaceful, soothing songs like "Give Them All", "Special Delivery", "All The Time in In The World" and the haunting stings of the MIRROR album. Thanks to Evie, I have a great love for music and an even greater love for the Lord. I wish that her albums were still available on CD today for kids my age and younger to hear. A lot of the so-called Contemporary Christian music doesn't sound very Christian to me. Evie wasn't afraid to boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and I thank her for that!"

"Though Larry Norman is listed in my picks I have to say that Steve Taylor probably reached more folks with that "sacred cow" skewering attitude they both share."

"As a member of Selah of Ohio, I was blessed to have shared the stage with many of the pioneers of Jesus Music. Second Chapter of Acts is my all time favorite group, with Lamb, Keith Green and Ressurection Band very close behind. Easter Song, The Sacrifice Lamb and Awaiting Your Reply being my top picked songs."

"I am preacher's son whose life was impacted greatly by True CCM of the 70's, mainly (Dogwood). I am 25 years old but those tunes make me feel like I'm 4 yrs. old safe in my Father's arms again. Thank you!"

"Pat Terry's music touched my heart and life when I was a teen, and his music still speaks to me."

"The best band of 70's (Petra)"

"Okay, I'm a little young for the Jesus movement (32). But I still love the music. Beats the heck out of what they're playing now."

"It was hard to pick just one song or album out of the many great works of Keith Green. Honourable mention goes to everything else he ever recorded!"

"The Jesus movement and its accompanying music was a great milestone in American history. The music seemed to come from the heart rather than just from a desire to sell records. Many Jesus People modeled authentic faith in Christ while rejecting the dominant American paradigm of materialism and self-absorption. Jesus People made Jesus the priority. The zeal was undeniable. Unfortunately, wisdom didn't always follow, and many new Believers swapped drug and alcohol addictions for performance drivenness and other "church friendly" addictions which ultimately destroyed many of the communes and many lives. It's sad to recall how many Jesus People -- including leaders-- ended up in cults or falling back into the old lifestyle (returning to the original addictions). I would love to see a similar movement today, but with healing and recovery in Christ as one of the central themes."

"Petra is the best group ever. You guys rock!!!"

"David & the Giants never got the attention they deserved. They were definitely the best!"

"The best band I ever heard, Christian or secular was the *e* band back in the early 70's. Their lead vocalist, Greg Volz, went on to sing with Petra. The drummer, Dave Eden, wrote The Coloring Song, and their lead guitar player wrote another Greg Volz song, "Together We Walk Toward the Light". Very talented guys indeed!!"

"Like everyone else it is really hard to pick just one. I loved Larry Norman, The Way, Bob Ayala, Phoenix Sunshine... so many... but there are just a few who I truly felt were right on servants of god in their life & music... I saw Barry Mcguire live in 1974 when he was just starting to use 2nd Chapter of Acts as his backup... I have never seen anyone so full of the Holy Spirit and the Joy of the Lord... I will never forget him BANGING on his guitar, just belting it out for Jesus... and then later in a the other two that really stand out for me in terms of powerful live spirit filled witnesses are 2nd Chapter in their own right and Darrell Mansfield... I saw him a couple of years ago and its true his witness is even more awesome today. Lastly I would just like to say that as far as contemporary artists are concerned I think Michael W. Smith is pretty real and right on, but Jennifer Knapp is in a league of her own... her music has true spiritual depth."

"I myself wasn't born until the late 70's but my mother gave me the heritage of growing up listening to Janny Grein (whose tape "The Best of Janny" I am still looking for), Keith Green, and the early Maranatha vinyls (when "Praise the Lord" was done by beautiful acoustic guitars). All of the music of that period has such simplicity and yet God anointed it with so much power! There have been many "down" points in my life, and in every one of them God has brought back a Janny song from my youth."

(Furay's-"I've Got a Reason"):
"Not overtly Christian but the message is still there. This Richie's first and best solo album."
"What a great lp, and song from a great singer-songwriter"

"Randy (Stonehill) recorded what I think to be his best recording with 'The Sky is Falling'. I love the whole album. 'Get me out of Hollywood' runs as a close second. Great stuff!"

"I got saved in the TENT at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesas' first home and I loved all of the music back then and still love it today. I too went to the concerts at Calvary Costa Mesa on many Saturdays and saw some really great artists. Probably one my best memories of those concerts was one time my friends didn't want to go see Kelly Willard but no one else did so I went anyway. Boy, was I surprised when Keith Green showed up unexpectedly. It was awesome. Another favorite time was seeing Phil Keaggy. Does anyone remember the Christian music nights at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm? They were always a great way to see as many bands as you could see in one night."

"I love the honesty that the Jesus Movement musicians had. They were unabashed about their new-found love of Jesus Christ, and the best way to express this was through music. Here, true praise was found. I miss non-commercialized Christian music very much. To God be the only glory."

"The group I heard first was Dove (Dove I & II) and then Pat Terry (Pat Terry Group, Songs of the South). Awesome groups. Next it was Steve Camp (sayin' it with Love), followed by Larry Norman (Only Visiting this Planet, In another land, , Daniel Amos (Shotgun Angel, Horrendous Disc), Keith Green (No Compromise) and Randy Stonehill (Welcome to Paradise, The Sky is Falling). I could live with just the albums these arists made."

"i came to know Christ in 1971 when i was only 12 years old. the Jesus movement, with all its leaders, seemed so magical. i thought it would last forever. Jesus is the only thing that lasts forever. but i still hold all those memories dear."

"Hard to limit the favorites to just one - first albums I ever bought were by Limpic & Rayburn, two guys who toured and would give concerts in my Christian high school. Also loved early Imperials, Andrae Crouch & the Disciples and music produced by the Jeremiah People. Great stuff, not clouded by "performance theatrics."

"I used this song (With This Ring) in my wedding and am trying to find it on cassette to sing at a friend's wedding. Pat Terry was an inspiration to me with his style of Christian Music in the 70s."

"i'm one of those people i just read about. Got saved in '71 a senior in high school in Los Angeles. Maranatha music just started and it was the best thing to ever happen. 30 years later I still listen to it. I saw second chapter of acts in concert at our little church, also love song, barry mcguire, the road home and we used to go to all the calvary chapel Costa Mesa saturday night concerts. I miss those days" God bless."

"I like his (Darrell Mansfield) blues and rock style and most of all his harmonica playing."

"For me, The Way broke new ground by presenting the Gospel in a manner that also met an aesthetic goal I hadn't heard elsewhere. They absolutely rocked, with no compromise! So much passion, purity and joy, delivered in humility! Encouragement for the believers, and the pure Gospel for the rest. Through God's Spirit, their music surely inspired me in my Christian walk."

"There are so many brilliant artists & albums that influenced my growth & commitment over the years-- off the top of my head: "Willing Heart" by Kelly Willard, "Never Fades Away" by Pam Mark Hall, "Never Alone by Amy Grant", "Daniebelle Live In Sweden w/Choralerna", Reba Rambo's entire solo catalog, 2nd Chapter of Acts catalog "Rejoice" & prior, Keith Green "For Him Who Has Ears To Hear"; & later on, Commissioned's first 2 albums, & early Bebe, Cece & Daniel Winans; & now, Crystal Lewis "Live@The Woodlands". It's a tragedy much of the early CCM isn't preserved digitally by the record labels & available for future generations-- & the present ones too."

"Really have so many favorites it is hard to narrow down to just one. I can say for sure tho that my most favorite music is that of what I heard in my home church growing up. There's nothing like the true annointing power falling on a song and the blessings that follow with even just one calling on the name of the lord for salvation. An experience I long to experience time and time again. Thanks."

"What a task to come up with a "favorite" in any of these catagories. Many groups, many albums, many songs helped me in my early walk with Jesus - but Sweet Comfort Band typifies that whole time period for me."

"I like all of her (Janny Grein) music and when I found her web site I was over the moon."

"I think Kemper is one of the greatest, yet most unappreciated artists of our time. His music is timeless. His lyrics are powerfully elegant! He is still performing. Get your hands on his stuff!! and"

"God has used Larry Norman's music to minister to me at so many times in my life. It said what I felt at a time when I truly began to draw close to God."

"i love Larry Norman."

"Keith Green was a voice crying in the wilderness(a modern day John the Baptist.) God gave us a true treasure for a short while. May his music endure till the Lord returns."

"Growing up in Florida, I saw Paul Clark several times. I always enjoyed his music and ministry. I especially enjoyed "Good to be Home" and "Come into his Presence". 2nd Chapter were easily my favorite group in concert and then maybe Resurrection Band."

"Larry (Norman) is the best example of a classic 70's artist who had the most crossover appeal."

"I'm only 21 years old so I was born at the tail end of the beginning of the movement. But I grew up on 2nd Chapter of Acts, some Honeytree, and other artists. I have discovered Larry Norman, Truth and others on my own. This music rocks!"

"I discovered this album (Welcome to Paradise) about four years after becoming a Christian, but I had heard Puppet Strings before. A friend had taped it for me after I first believed in Jesus. Years I wondered who it was, and one day while filtering through my girlfriend's roommate's albums I ran across Welcome To Paradise. I put it on because it looked so cool, kind of 60's retro (the year then was 1986). Suddenly, while talking to my girlfriend, Puppet Strings came on. A chill went up my spine and I just stood there dumbfounded. I began to cry, very hard, which I wasn't usually likely to ever do. My girlfriend was very upset, asking my over and over what was wrong. It was one of those moments when you want to tell the person to shut-up because your blowing my moment here. I didn't want to do anything unkind at a moment like that, so I just gently put my finger to her lips and hugged her. She kindly remained silent, although I'm sure she was dying to continue questioning me.

There was the song. The Song. THE SONG! It washed over me as if I had suddenly seen Jesus with my human eyes, right in the room with me. Chill after chill rolled over me, and I continued to sob silently. Everything that Jesus meant to me, my journey with Him so far, the intense power of his personage, flowed through my soul.

Years later, 14 to be exact, that song, indeed most of the whole album (yes, including Lung Cancer) still haunts me, in the sweetest sense of the word. Everytime I play it, I feel close to Jesus. No other song will ever reach me that deeply.

I wish, no I pray that someone would take your excellent website one step further, and secure permission to post some of those old songs that are LONG out of print, so new believers can experience them. Like some folks here have said, Pat Terry's stuff is so awesome, and you can't find it anywhere. I can't even find it on, which has TONS of old vinyl stuff. There's no reason why we couldn't put that on MP3 and offer it free, as a musical witnessing tract. With aritist's permission of course. Anyway I ramble. Thanks for such a great site!"

"Dan Ryan Brooks is great! To bad he never made it big. Everyone who knows him and his music loves him. Check out his site at:"

"I became a Christian in 1970, while in high school, and I took refuge in all the great Jesus Music of the period. Picking one favorite seems unfair to all those whose music blessed and touched my life. But, for me, the song that jumps right out as one that remains important today is Chuck Girard's "Slow Down". Like all the classics, this one is as relevant today as it was almost 25 years ago!"

"Tim Sheppard's music is very hard to come by...I wore out his cassette "Diary" and would love to replace it with another. He is a graduate of C.F.N.I. but they cannot help me..was there in person to ask them as I went to school there too, in late 70's and 1980. Well...anyone out there know how I can get ahold of his music? (I wore out "What a Day" by Phil Keaggy, too...still have the record.)"

"The most influential artists of that era on my life included Barry McGuire and the Second Chapter of Acts and Larry Norman (nice combination, eh?), then came Keith Green, whom I met twice, the first time he was a very loving individual, the second time was quite bitter, a real contrast but his reality and vision was on-track.
All in all, I felt as though I could relate to Larry Norman's POV in his writings, because occasionally I would hit life straight-on and get a bit depressed. That would launch a Norman-a-thon and I'd lock myself in my room for a couple days, listening to nothing but Larry Norman (no sugar-coated songs, here) then switch to Amy Grant when I was about ready to pull my head out. Larry's music helped me make it through without losing site of the reason for being."

"These were groups (Seth/Sonlight) in the Oklahoma City area, an area that had it's own strong Jesus movement with wonderful artist. I hope you recognize some of them."

"It's just to hard! There are so many good groups. I had the privilege of attending the "how the west was won" concert with Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Asts and a Band called David- how memorable that was! My wife and I were in Denver on Christmas Eve for the Jesus Birthday party with Barry McGuire. I was able to catch Darrell Mansfield and Gentle Faith live doing "Jerusalem". I could go on and on.... it's so cool that these albums are coming back!"

"Just retured from a Larry Norman concert in Nebraska, he still jams. I got to fellowship over breakfast after the concert with larry, 53 and still Rockin, praise the Lord."

"I'm not sure this is at all fair! How can one vote for just one choice in these categories -- there's so much to choose from that's sooooo good! I guess it gets down to voting for something that's good but, more than anything, takes the memory back to a time that was so fun and simple and easy ..."

"If you want the impact & depth of Keith Green but want hard rock, Resurrection Band (they went by Rez Band for a while) is what you want. Based out of Jesus People USA, an inner city ministry in Chicago, they've had by far the most profound impact on my Christianity of any group, hands down. Their later stuff is a little harder for me to follow, but all of it is incredible. Most of their stuff can be found at GrrrRecords at May God continue to bless those who will listen!"

"I became a Christian of Feb. 3, 1980 and a friend in the Lord knew my addiction to secular rock so he gave me a couple of Christian rock records: Bob Dylan's "Slow Train Coming" and Larry Norman's "In Another Land". I was taken back by these discs and over the years extremely blessed. I want Norman's "Hymn To The Last Generation" sung at my funeral. As these past 20 years have gone by I've been blessed by many artists like John Michael Talbot, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and Keith Green just to name a few. Where are the artists of today blessing us wonderful music to worship and praise God?"

"Richie Furay has the best Christian album ever made! He had been a founding member of the best band in the history of the world!!!! Pocoooooo!!!!!"

"It is so hard to pick a favorite. For a while, the Pat Terry Group was my favorite. Then Sweet Comfort Band, then Randy Stonehill... But Barry McGuire has to be my all-time fave! What a great era of music for God!"

"Larry Norman is my all time favorite artist, but there are sooo many others that have really blessed my life! I don't think he made it real big in California where the Jesus Movement began, but in Florida where I grew up, Pat Terry was HUGE!! I still to this day listen to his first album, (not the one from Myrhh, but the custom made one put out by Lefevre records). Everyone was playing that thing in the early 70s! And of course, Randy Stonehill is right up there as well. And then there was Randy Mathews, 2nd Chapter, Karen Lafferty, Paul Clark, Rick Eldridge, Denny Correll, and on and on and on!! Well, today's Christian musicians are really good too, so while its great to relive the past lets not forget to support the rockers of this generation!"

"Rob Cassels and his contribution to Christian music is tremendous. How his albums with the contribution of members of Marshall Tucker Band, Steve Morse and others were never recognized for their musical significance is one of the saddest areas of Christian music right up there beside the lack of respect for Larry Norman."

"This is an overlooked album (Omartian - Adam Again) that probaby contains the finest musicanship of any album of its era. Christian message is subtle but clear."

"Album after album, the Pat Terry Group is the best. Would LOVE to be able to buy their music today on CD!!! Also that of early Randy Stonehill. Somebody! Anybody! HELP!!!"

"I think I'll probably spend quite a lot of time at this site. It sure brings back memories of when I was young and naive and believed the power of music could change the world."

"She (Reba) definitely needs to put together a favorites album, or do a Re-Collection of all her albums, I'd buy 'em!!! Is there anything we can do?"

"I produce the Higher Power Christian Rock Television Program.Using Christian Rock Video's and Broadcasting via Television...exposes new audiences too the power of the Gospel via song. I would love to include a weekly segment dedicated to the "Pioneers" of Christian Rock. If you can me...or visit my website for additional information --"

"Picking my favorites in Jesus Music was harder than naming my own kids! It mostly depends on my mood at the time. The first one I'd ever listened to was Norman. The first one I ever learned to play was Stonehill. Since I've seen Stonehill in concert, he's my favorite artist. If you can believe it, I didn't appreciate Keith Green until after he died, and I became a more mature Christian. His music has touched me in ways some others haven't. Anyway, I may change my mind tomorrow on this, but as for today, this is how it is."

"There is a lot of good music out there now, music that speaks to my heart. But the music that feed my soul was the Jesus music from the seventies. I think it is a real loss that the music from that period is so hard to come by today. Honeytree, Janny, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Love song, Hopy of Glory, DeGarmo & Key, Keith Green - their music is still as revelant today as it was in the 70's. I wish I could find more of it to share with my church."

"JC Power Outlet represents what CCM was meant to be."

"I'm only 16, but I was influenced by my parents and my uncle when I got into Jesus music, but Larry Norman is the leader of it all on my list of best artists I ever listen to, last and not least, Horrendous Disc is now on CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to for details."

"Much of what blesses me today is the older "Jesus music", partly because it came out during a time in my life when Jesus was making Himself more real to me; therefore, the music I heard became associated with the Lord and not just pleasant sounds. The other really, really great thing about those songs and those artists is that you would NEVER hear them on "Adult Contemporary" radio stations, because the world HATES the mention of Jesus' name and will not hear Him being lifted up. If you heard "Rise Again", "Front Seat Back Seat", or "Second Coming Sunset", you knew you'd found a Christian radio station, generally one that didn't take itself too seriously."

"For Those Tears I Died is a very moving song... a close second is Lay Your Burden Down by Chuck Girard."

"I continue to play this amazing album (Soul Liberation - "Who Are You") and wonder why these musicians aren't currently the top of the crop. God bless my dear brother and friend for putting together such a wonderful offering. I knew we were part of a landmark and historical movement that couldn't die."

"Very hard to choose from my (Dallas Holm) favorites. They include the song RISE AGAIN and CHAIN OF GRACE!!! Music today will never be as it was in their days for recording. No wonder they vanish. Content of their songs dont even get air play. Love you Dallas. Your rewards will be MANY."

"By far the cream of the crop for his time period (BJ Thomas), had a hit out in early 70'S, MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY, as well. He took Christian music to another level."

"I have seen Larry Norman a number of times in concert in Belfast. Although some of his songs are 30 years old, his message is real for today. I also love Malcolm & Alwyn's album 'Fools Wisdom'."

"I remember 2 albums I owned over 20 years ago by Paul Clark that rarely left my turntable to be put back in their covers. They displayed excellent musicianship with fantastic sax work and very innovative drumming by Bill Maxwell. More importantly, they conveyed a Christian message pointedly and creatively. I wish I could find those albums released on CD."

"I believe "Love Song" were the "Beatles" of CCM. They, along with Larry Norman and Randy Matthews, change the course of Christian music and influenced many Christian bands. When I listen to the original Love Song album, 30 years later the music, lyrics, harmonies, arrangements and overall quality of the recording still holds up."

"I'm on a worldwide quest (or so it seems) to find more Pat Terry music. I was born in the midst of this movement, and grew up listening to many of these great music groups."

"I would pay dearly to hear a live/new album of Second Chapter of Acts.I was saved 3 years ago , so I missed that era. I have spent over $500.00 to aquire all of the Second Chapter of Acts / Matthew Ward /Annie Herring, all on CDs."

"David & the Giants are the most sincere people I've ever met. They have a wonderful spirit which you can feel in their music, especially the early recordings. I love their scriptural lyrics also. David & the Giants have a beautiful testimony of how God delivered them from secular Rock 'n' Roll, & filled them with his Holy Ghost! Their custom albums are very rare, but well worth the search when you find them!"

"God has blessed Andrae with with a great gift that he has used mightily for the glory of God."

"I have enjoyed many Christians artists throughout the years. However, no artist (s) continue to bless me like the 2nd Chapter of Acts. Whenever I am down, I listen to them and am lifted up. Whenever I am lifted up, I listen to them and get lifted up more. They were true anointed vessels for Christ."

"Enjoyed your site. I am glad to have finally found a site that has a lot of info. on Reba Rambo she is the greatest female singer ever! She has the voice of an angel and a wonderful give and spirit. She truly is "Jesus with skin on"!! She and Dony are the nicest people and true to God's calling on their lives. God Bless you, Reba and family."

"I'm only 20, but my fondest childhood memory was when I heard Barry McGuire sing 'Bullfrogs and Butterflies', it was awesome. I also grew up on Jesus Music, it's all my mom listened to, and thank God! He's what I've always known."

"for a truly inspiring album, get ted sandquist's "courts of the king." very worshipful!! however, 2nd chapter of acts are a strong blessing. stonehill, k green, barry mcguire...ptl...terry talbot's cradle of love...what happened to it???"

"There are just too many talented brothers and sisters out there to have a favorite album or artist/band. I posted as my favorite song what I'm thinking right of now, but this changes all the time. It's like asking someone what their favorite scripture is (when He speaks - can one word be better than another?)."

Without doubt one of the most powerful Christian songs ever written(Don Francisco's "He's Alive").

"Horrendous Disc was the first "Christian rock" album I heard. Thanks Rob for sharing it with me. I've been listening to Christian music instead of a lot of radio rock for almost 20 years now. I thank GOD for creating music and allowing us to use the talents He imparts to each of us to worship Him, praise Him, and tell others about Him and His love for them. Psalms 33:3 KJV "Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfuly with a loud noise."

Hey-this site is too much-I'm overwhelmed!I can't believe there is so many people who are still into this great stuff! And I'm only 34! I'm married to one of the Continentals! Or "ex-con", as she jokingly puts it. What about the music genius of Michael Omartian? Matthew Ward is one of the greatest singers in the world. Lamb was beautiful. I gotta know. There was two guys who made an album a long time ago, about 77, with song titles such as "More than a monkey", "I can do no wrong". Don't remember the name of the duo or the name of the album but there was this illustration of them in outfits like Robin Hood or something. Does anybody know? I collect these old 70's christian rock albums and they are like my golden treasure or something. Praise Jesus. Even though time moves on and we all get old and the good times and memories disappear, one thing never changes........JESUS! The same yesterday, today, and forever.


"Being a keyboardist into progressive rock, not much Christian music appealed to me until a friend introduced me to Michael Omartian's "White Horse/Adam Again" albums. Everything here is top notch, especially the production. Omartian was obviously influenced by his work with Steely Dan. I wish he would do another album and be allowed complete creative freedom."

"No artist's music ever spoke to me as much as that of Keith Green. He was a REAL servant of Jesus. Glass Harp is essential Jesus music! They are one of the first bands to emerge from the secular mainstream into the Jesus Music scene. Phil Keaggy is a master guitarist and we are bleesed to have him!"

"I still love Dogwood's songs after all these years. I wish I could contact them, to tell them "I remember whose child I am, thanks to you"."

"I think Dan Ryan Brooks is great because he has great 70's style acoustic rock with a 90's touch. I'm lucky I was able to get a hold of his album. Everyone who comes to this sight would love his album."

"Dan Ryan Brooks is a brother who sings for Jesus and he is still at it, though he began so long ago in the seventies. He reflects a simple, surrendered life in his songs, his solid acoustic guitar work and his rich mellow voice. He's best live!"

"The artist, album and song (Norman-Only Visiting This Planet) set the table for the rest of the decade in quality and message."

"What a cool site!! I have loved and sorely missed being able to hear Reba Rambo's angelic voice for far too long!! All you other Reba admirers please write to Reba Rambo Mcguire @ P.O. Box 50508; Nashville, Tenn 37205 and let her know we want her to re-release her classic beautiful and inspiring music on CD!! Shalom and may God bless and keep you!"

"It's nice to see how fondly remembered Larry Norman's material from the 60s and 70s is but a lot of fans ignore a lot of his good work since then. The live at Flevo albums are outstanding, Stop This Flight, Vineyard, BI,BO... he's still got what it takes to make great albums, do amazing concerts and continue to write classics."

"I've been a major fan of Reba's for almost 30 years, starting with her work with the Rambos. I don't know how many of her albums I've worn out--I just wish they could all be re-released on CD! Thanks, Reba, for sharing your naturally-inherited songwriting abilities and awesome voice!"

"I think David probably sang this song this way (Psalm 63)! I took my fiancée (now wife of 20 years) to a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert and cried through most of it. They still minister to me after all these years. Thank God for obedient servants even when it's not popular!"

"Their act (After the Fire) was just more polished than anything at the time - they changed the Christian music scene in UK. Copies of the ATF album are still available and well worth the listen."

"Have spent hours on your website. Have enjoyed it more than you can know. Brings back a lot of great memories - and great music. Especially liked the title. The decade that changed a generation. Very good. Thanks. Trey Potter"

"Larry really is the best of the best. His music still has tremendous force and speaks to very personal and complex issues."

"The All Saved Freak Band is my favorite because of their variety of music style and quality of musicians. The conclusion of Larry Hill's ministry with the band is misfortunate, I admit, but Glenn Schwartz's testimony and the sincerity of the other members credits their music as genuine in my opinion. I don't think their music was surpassed by any other Jesus Music of the time."

"I had to vote Mark Heard because he's so underappreciated, and because he's the only artist of that time whose music progressed radically and competed, even outshone, stuff that it was contemporary to; "Satellite Sky" was the best album of 1992, no question. The Hope album is a sentimental favorite because I knew someone whose family knew the band really well."

"Christian rock in the 70s was simply wonderful...raw, pure, filled with an innocent, wide-eyed wonder. And those analog synthesizers ROCKED! I miss the passion for the Gospel that was so evident in what was then known as "Jesus Rock.""

"I used to broadcast a two-hour radio show called, "The Rock of Jesus" in Kansas. It's great to hear these pioneering artists again. Larry Dunlap (John Mark)"

"There was so much creativity and good music back then. It's a shame that today's music is dry and stale in comparison. I hope that more of the old stuff gets re-released on CD. It's about the only stuff I listen to."

"Reba Rambo Mcguire and her husband Dony are truly loving and caring people who love and live for the Lord with all their might."

"Very few albums depict the brightness a soul radiates after the new birth in more pronounced fashion than the "What A Day" LP. The Word of God is interlaced throughout, and combined with Phil Keaggy's God given talents, takes the listener on a journey that's just begun, and culminates on the streets of gold with all the saints. Todays new artists should learn from this and other classic CCM, that scripture in song is one of the keys to really powerful CCM, that feeds the soul of the listener. I seem to find that key element lacking in many of todays "modern" releases."

"Reba Rambo and her music have truly impacted my life and ministry today. The lady is quite a singer and songwriter. She and her husband, Dony, are still writing and ministering today, and they are even more anointed today than twenty years ago. What a gift to the body of Christ!"

"As a young child and a new Believer I would listen to her (Reba) music and could be so filled with the spirit of our Lord. As I got older and went through a point that I knew I strayed away from God. But when I came to my senses I went looking for Spirit filled life again I found that her music still held that love for the Lord in it. It helped in my praise to him. Reba and Dony you are the best... With much Love your sister in Christ, Lisa"

"Reba Rambo has the voice and gift of writing that draws people. With Dony, their "Suddenly" album is awesome, too."

"Keith Green was the most intense man that Christian music has ever seen. He wrote some of the most powerful songs ever written, and I'm one of his biggest fans (he didn't like having fans, by the way)."

"Actually, Phil's (Keaggy) music just keeps getting better, but from the 70's Emerging is his best album and Time is his best song."

"Bob (Bennett) is great!"

"(Danniebelle Hall) I love her dearly!!! She is the best!"

"I still enjoy the old alblums by Dallas Holm but can't seem to get them. Would like to find his website if any one knows what the web address is."

"Way too many to REALLY choose! Love Song was directly instrumental to my hearing the gospel and getting saved, so I HAVE to love them! My choices are more from "spiritual impact" rather than "great music". The anointing is of the upmost importance! Those who REALLY were used in my life, besides Love Song, during those days were Keith Green, Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Acts. I loved ALL the Maranatha Groups (including the couple I was in myself) as they were wonderful people to work with and loved ministry! Keith Green is my choice for favorite artist, not because he was such a great artist, but because I knew him and he spoke the truth, lived the truth, and was a prophet anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit. But "Clay" by Lamb has to be my choice for the song, because they made me realize there were other Jewish believers, and that Jews too, were meant to be saved! I picked our own album, "A City Set Upon A Hill Cannot Be Hid", NOT because it was so "great" musically, but because I KNOW how much we WEREN'T a part of it, and the Lord miraculously anointed it; doesn't even feel like I, or anyone else there, were REALLY part of it. Even though it had "limited" release, for YEARS, we heard stories of people getting saved, healed and delivered after listening to it. DEFINITELY, NOTHING to do with us."

"I was born in the 60's but didn't really get into Christian music until the 80's, but I really regret not having had a chance to listen to a lot of the 70's artists. I may not say this about everything, but Petra's "Come and Join Us" version of "God Gave Rock & Roll" was better than their 80's version."

"Even though i was born in 1979, i love the hippie music, i've learned to make as mine the Jesus movement, i felt as i been there, too, cause i like those music pioneers who gave us an example of a truly ministry through the music; we really need that more. christians as Keith Green lift up the name of the Lord again, we need more "jesus freaks" as Larry & Randy, we need more Phil Keaggys to be born in our generation to share the gospel without shame as the music pioneers from the Jesus movement did. Thanks to this page, i've learned to value those treasures that we have in Christian Music History."

"I thought, and still do think, Larry Norman was the finest Christian artist of this era. His creativity, intelligence, and geniune concern for others always impressed me. Yes, he has had problems and made mistakes, but God still uses broken vessels."

"I was blessed enough to see so many of these artists perform in the 1970s... those precious experiences have stayed with me my whole life and will never leave me."

"It was very difficult to pick a favorite album and song by Cynthia Clawson because I love everything she has done. She is such a gifted, beautiful Christian. Her love for her Lord shines forth in all she does. She is genuine and faithful to her calling."

"So hard to choose. I saw 2nd Chapt & Barry Mcguire in concert around 76 or 77. What a ministry! Just got a copy of First Love VHS tapes vol 1 & 2. How wonderful to see these people singing their songs I know so well and see how the fire still burns. Makes me re-examine my last 20 years or so."

"Great artist and Christian [Richie Furay]"

"Mr Larry Norman: Why do we get reissues of all of your albums on CD - but we still haven't got Horrendous Disc and Welcome To Paradise?!?!?! Please Larry!"

"Artists like Larry Norman, Keith Green, Love Song, John Fischer, and Darrell Mansfield still make me examine myself in light of scripture just by the purity of their music. I could easily go broke trying to fulfill all the commands I would I would like to be able to fulfill. Music that challenges the heart and mind and makes you seek more of God and more scriptural knowledge is desperately needed today. Thank you to all the artists I have mentioned and to all the artists who have been involved in the Jesus Movement."

"They [2nd Chapter of Acts] set the standard for Christian music. It is a standard that continues to this day."

"[Feel the Love] captured the true "Live" spirit of Love Song. Little Pilgrim was never as powerful as it was on this album. The lyrics refer to not only the lost, but also to us Christians when we stray."

"I have listened to this album [To The Bride] since 1976 - it is awesome, and never fails to bless me. Barry McGuire and The 2nd Chapter of Acts are an incredible inspiration."

"Larry! Put it out on CD!!!! [Horrendous Disc] What are you waiting for?!?!?!"

"Daniel Amos is too cool! Thank God for "guys" like Daniel Amos."

"Favourite? There's so many. Having to pick between Mr Norman, Mr Taylor and Mr Stonehill and Mr Green is like picking between Rocky Road and Chocolate Fudge. They're all the best!"

"i was born in 1975 so i missed it all but a good friend turned me onto larry norman 6 years ago and have fell in love with that kind of music. so i went on a search, found other great people - keith green, azitis, fraction, randy stonehill, and many others. i am just a born late jesus hippie..."

"Out of all (secular and Jesus) Music I have listened to (and before I got saved I was into the wrong stuff pretty deep - thank Jesus for deliverance from that mess), Glenn Kaiser is probobly the Hardest Rocking Individual I have ever heard.....You Have to listen to Music to Raise the Dead (1974) and All Your Life (The accoustic album with a lot of Jim Denton songs)."

"My introduction to Christian music was when a friend gave me the Love Song album in December 1973. It's still a favorite of mine, as well as my wife and our daughter and her husband. If I had only one album I could listen to, this would be it."

"An 18 yr. old college freshman I was when God called me. Had 2 albums to my name (Tim Sheppard's "Diary" and Reba Rambo (forgot the title). Played them constantly. Thanks to God for their music ministries. Later was introduced to Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett and Daniel Amos and really have been blessed by them. While I admit there is need to change and progress I wish some of the Christian musicians would get back to praising God in their lyrics rather than working so hard at sending this message of "We can be just like the carnal world and still call ourselves Christians."

"Man...if the voice of God could speak today, it would probably sound like what Keith had to say. This world's even messed up more than it was 20-25 years ago. Praise God that his music ministry still goes on!!"

"This is a great Website, but, WHERE CAN I BUY THESE ON CD? I want to update my CD collection 'cause my LP's are wearin' out!"

"It was fun to find this site...nostalgic."

"So much wonderful little space!"

"So VERY MUCH to choose from!!! I was a teen in the 70's and Christian music played a part in shaping my faith. Kudo's to Keith Green, Larry Norman, Daniel Amos and Fireworks for outstanding work and ministry, year in and year out!!!"

"There were a couple of albums by some called "The Gamble Folk" that had my favorite song - can't remember & have been looking for a couple of years to find it. Also have been looking for "Prepare Ye the Way" Scripture songs. And a song I only heard once - a heavy blues (electric) that called God "his shield and buckler" maybe. Sounded like a hymn psalm set to music for a skag-head (heroin), and ministered to me that day where I was. If you could help me concerning these albums and songs, I would gratly appreciate it. You have my e-mail, my snail mail is: Rick Taylor P.O. Box 1301 Wellsville, NY 14895"

"Through lack of distribution (Destiny Records/Marantha) Phoenix Sonshine never got the recogniton they deserved, but they were actually on of the most widely-traveled (Scandinavia/Australia/New Zealand/US) of any of the 70's "Jesus Music" groups. Their sound epitomized the acoustic/folk/country/rock sound of the era. They were also one of the very first groups to release an album of this type (1972). PLEASE DON'T FORGET THEIR CONTRIBUTION!"

"Keith Green and Last Days Ministries began a fire in me 20 years ago that still burns today. I miss him... can't wait to see him again......."

"Randy Stonehill is my favorite, but Larry Norman and Randy Matthews are close."

"I loved many of the songs from Pat Terry. A very close second was the music of Lamb. I must have played the daylights out of their album Lamb III."

"Tough survey. I love so many of these artists. The first 4 Maranatha albums were great, too."

"Reba Rambo's singing & her songs were had a lasting impact on me growing up. She was always pushing the envelope creatively as a Christian artist, but not necessarily following trends & never compromising the message. All my vinyl is well worn & needless to say I miss discovering a new album of her music (& her folks too). Tough to pick a favorite album & song, but here's my 2 cents. God bless Reba for sharing her gift."

"It was a kick to see the Continentals page. I toured in '78 to Great Britain with Mr. Floria's Continentals (David Kern was the director of that group). You have a great site here, I'll be spending some time exploring in the future (looks like it will take some time!)"

"I know my favorite song is from a different album, but I really like it. Overall, "I've Got A Reason" [Richie Furay] is the greatest Christian album of all time. I will still take it over any of the new stuff today. Thanks for this site."

"I really like your web page . It's nice to look back now and then."

"Daniel Amos' early stuff was wonderful. I really enjoyed their journey from "country bumpkins" to rock and roll aliens. Can't say I enjoy their latest stuff as well. Horrendous Disc is my favorite...rock but not too far new wave. 'Ain't Gonna Fight It' was on one of the early Maranatha! albums and still moves me to tears and toward God."

"I wish they would bring back these titles on CD. I enjoyed looking at the old titles, it brings back the old memories of Calvary Chapel when it was a tent & revival was strong."

"Still after all these years the best Christian music I've heard [Daniel Amos/Shotgun Angel] ....tho I lost both the above albums after moving too many times and would dearly love to have them back!"

"Who can pick just one? Most sing-able? Most talented? Most creative? Most moving? Oi!"

"Andrae Crouch is one of the greatest of all time, but it was when Danniebelle sang with him that his music lifted me most. "Take Me Back" "Tell Them" "All That I Have" "Oh Savior", Danniebelle's full, sweet, rich voice still moves me. Her album "Let me have a Dream" explores many types of music and I feel is one of the best I've heard in that genre (R&B, Soul/Gospel)."

"This site sure does take me back. Makes me want to break out all the old vinyl I've got! It's so hard to list just one of the above, but Larry epitomizes for me the very best of Jesus Rock, though I also love Keith Green. As someone who lived through it all, it seems so much shallower now. Maybe it's just me, but the early guys made music for the love of Jesus and the music - not to make a buck. What a grand and glorious time it was!"

""How The West Was One" is the best Christian concert album I've ever heard. This was where I got my first good ear-full of Phil Keaggy."

"Reba, Andrae Crouch, Danniebelle, Honeytree, The Archers, Evie, Keith Green, 2nd Chapt. of Acts--Some of the first and best music I ever bought. Their styles still influence my taste today."

"Can't choose just one!!! So many!!!!"

"I end up in a bible study every time I listen to Lamb!"

Song "Love Broke Through" - "Wonderfull message about God´s love for us, and the joy we have when we know Him."

"This web site is so much fun, I can't stand it! There IS someone else who still appreciates this era of music. I agree with many of the comments: Terry S. Taylor, DA, Stonehill have all had a tremendous impact on my life and I'm glad to see them still producing music today. We need more of these titles on CD!"

"Great era!"

"Larry Norman is the best artist there ever was, is, and will be!!!"

"I got saved in 1981 and missed the whole thing. What a regret."

"Picking one artist as favorite is brutal!!! So many...Steve Camp, Keith Green, 2nd Chapter.........."

Regarding live Keaggy and Randy Matthews albums: "As you notice, both of these are live albums.I too think these are as close to perfection as Christian music has come. They show the fullness of what this music was about.In it's ministry and it's love. I only wish that John Michael had some of his early work recorded live. Mason Proffit's live concerts were truly legends in our area. They would literally show up out front of Dairy Queen and perform. It was in some ways a simpler time."

"John Ylvisaker is Bob Dylan with a voice. His music and lyrics are fantastic. "Beyond The Second Mile" is absolutely beautiful."

"Keith (Green) certainly left a mark on my life... I miss him..... and I miss the fire."

"Anything Randy (Matthews) did rocks."

"That album (Randy Matthews live) is what inspired me to want to play and write. Boy those days were great, miss them at times, especially the Jesus Festivals. Love your site, I visit it often."

"That great day, I'm sure Daniel Amos will be rocking with David in Heavens Choir! Wish more were like them."

"I thank God that my dad was an ex-hippie! He turned me on to Malcolm & Alwyn when I was young, and I'll be forever grateful! They rock!"

Daniel Amos - "Nobody can touch this band, then or now."

"Daniel Amos--nuff said!"

Horrendous Disc - "One unbelievable album - changed the face of christian music forever."

"Larry Norman still gives one of the best concerts, in so far as he communicates to the audience and is entertaining."

"I love Larry's Music. I really love the way he has chosen to spread the gospel. "Just Put Your Life in Jesus' Nail Scarred Hands.""

"Abidin' -- haven't heard others but this one is fun."

"Very, very difficult to choose. PK, 2nd Chap., Chuck Girard, on and on. Reminiscing over the songs listed in the current survey results is a powerful moment of memories to me."

"Abidin' (Daniel Amos) may be a bit of a cheesey song, but it brings back memories of the youth camp I once attended... If I had to pick the "best" song, my answer would be different."

"Daniel Amos an awesome band from the '70s that is still rocking in the '90s."

"What can I say, David Meece's music has touched in a way no other music ever has."

"Many of my all time favorites came in the early 80's w/DA, Rez, Daniel Band, Jersusalem, but I have to give the nod to Larry for the 60's-70's."

"Larry Norman's "Street Level" captures the embryonic Jesus movement through song. The "experience of God" mediated through the heart of one of God's holy rebels, convicting the church of its conformity to the world and pointing all towards the radical message of Jesus."

"What a tough choice! So many great albums and songs...My choices would probably be different tomorrow. You can't go wrong with Daniel Amos though."

"It amazes me how Terry Taylor has been around for so long and is just as good and probably better than when he started."

"I heard about the survey on the DA discussion list today (probably why you've been recently flooded with HD entries) but I gotta go for Uncle Rand. "Welcome to Paradise" is a beautiful "trash can symphony": rocking one minute then tender the next; serious then side-splitting. "News for You" incorporates that rockin' tenderness perfectly."

"We need this on CD, Larry. Please."[Horrendous Disc]

"Larry Norman's "Upon This Rock" is the album that started it all. Nothing has come close to what that album has done and is doing for Christian music."

"Those years were so rich with creativity and variety, that it's very hard to narrow these choices down, but Daniel Amos has got to be the leading-edge band for change and new frontiers."

"I would not be the Christian I am today with out the writings of Terry S. Taylor. I much underated group (DA) in the Jesus Movement."

"I was born in 1980 and don't have much exposure to Christian 70s music, a lot of Norman and Keith Green, a little Daniel Amos, Mark Heard, Phil Keaggy, David Meece, Randy Stonehill, DeGarmo & Key, Amy Grant, Honeytree, Don Francisco, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, and some guy named Bill Gaither. Of all these, Daniel Amos (and 3 Larry Norman songs) is the only one that I can stand listening to. Mark Heard rocks, but only post 70s."

"I like the full version of this song (If God is my Father-Larry Norman) better than the one originally put on In Another Land."

Horrendous Disc - "An album that took CCM to new heights of musical and lyrical creativity. It was a wonderful foreshadowing of what was to come from Terry and the boys."
"The song and the album still minister to me. Greatly underappreciated group."

"Larry started it all with "Upon This Rock" in 69! Larry brought "Christian" rock to an all time high with "Only Visiting This Planet". Unfortunaltely neither he nor anyone else has since managed to accomplish the same level of originality, non conformity, prophetic and social radical lyrics, talking both yo the society at large - and even more to the Church. But Steve Taylor is close!"

"I also loved Reba Rambo (though listening to some of her stuff from that era now makes me wonder why----then I realize that it's her golden voice and the wonderful lyrics that make the songs memorable, despite the cheesy disco sound.) I also liked Mustard Seed Faith and their album Sail on Sailor. Also a few of the Maranatha collections stick in my mind. I am only 25 but I grew up listening to some of the best Christian music ever, thanks to the influence of my parents. I still have a few of their albums---and a turntable that works! :) By the way, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for this wonderful site. I was beginning to think that Mustard Seed Faith was a figment of my imagination. Nice to see that I'm not crazy. God bless all involved in creating this memorial site. Your hard work means a lot to me."

"Actually I think all his [Keith Green] music is great. I don't have any of his albums, but I do have Volumes 1 & 2 of his Ministry Years. I believe he was a real psalmist."

"Favorite album and song change pretty much constantly but I feel Larry Norman was the most important artist in the development of modern Christian music and is definitely my favorite."

"Jesus is still moving...He Is. HalleluYaH!!"



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